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May Challenge – Reuse, Repurpose


Lots going on this next month…Princess turns 17, both girls graduate, my parents and maybe my brothers come to visit and I might be buy a house. Maybe.

But there’s a lot that has not happened due to my being ill. For one, our garden is not planted and our flower beds are a mess. Frankly, I’m just getting the house back in order after being down for the count for most of the last 6 weeks.

And you will learn in a later post that there’s been a great deal of work going on at our house the last couple of weeks so we our carport is full of wood, shelves and more.

I look at all this “stuff” both in and out of my house and then think of the things that should be done. And I am overwhelmed a bit.

While the kids have really stepped up to help, they are busy. And I just can’t require any more of them.

And I guess the final component to this is that now that my mind is fog free, I recognize that while we didn’t over spend, I did spend a bit frivolously the last couple of weeks. While I have no regrets about the car loan or prom, I need to get back on track.

May Challenge

My May challenge is to get my yard into shape by reusing and repurposing what we have around. I can split plants, use wood for borders and trim existing plants and bushes. There are seeds from last year to sow. I just move a little slower these days.

As I’m writing this, I have a toilet, a medicine cabinet and a sink sitting in my front yard. We are those people right now. For the record, I will not be re-using these items. But do plan to give them away as they are no longer needed in our house.


  • Reply Reece |

    Hope–DO NOT buy that house! It’s a money pit in a tiny town that your kids will likely all be moving away from in the very near future. Don’t do it!

  • Reply Lisa |

    Is your landlord renovating? It’s sounded in the past like that house has a lot of problems so I would still advise not to buy it. Is your boyfriend still planning to move too?

  • Reply T'Pol |

    I hope you are not planning to buy your current house. Can you see yourself living there and fixing it constantly for years to come? You may be used to living there and the idea of moving may not appeal to you right now but, once all the responsibility and costs of fixing it will become a burden on your shoulders, I am almost sure you will regret your decision. Besides, you just got a corporate job. I would at least for for a year or two to see if you do really like it for the long run. If I were you, I would let all the kids fly the nest, see how they are doing and how much financial support they will need from you before jumping in to make a big decision like that. After years of questionable decisions on your finances, you have started to do really well so, please do not let that go to waste.

  • Reply Drmaddog |

    If it’s a house your landlord has been looking to offload for a while now, it seems, there are reasons why whether condition, location, a depressed/limited local real estate market, etc. These are the same reasons why it would be difficult for to sell. Never mind if she even would want to stay in that town when her kids have left. I wouldn’t buy either.

    • Reply Hope |

      He’s actually “offloading” all his rental homes. He’s getting to an age where he is ready for less responsibility.
      He has been flipping some houses, but his long term rentals, he is selling them all.
      The tenant two doors down from me (his property as well) bought theirs in December.

So, what do you think ?