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Our January Challenge


For Christmas, each of the kids (the three youngest) received a ski bib. Since there is a long weekend this month, I am going to take them to see some snow. If the price and weather is right, I hope to let them ski.

In order to afford this without going over our monthly budget, we are going to 1) eat through the pantry thus cutting our food budget and 2) not spend any of our personal/entertainment budget. I’ve already created a meal plan for the month and think we can make it with minimal spending.

Our plan is to drive up Saturday morning, hang out in the snow for sure and maybe ski (the kids, not me) and then come home. Thankfully, snow is within a couple hours of us so an easy day trip. Score one for living at the base of the mountains!

My goal for the next 5 months is to find some sort of reasonable adventure like this…

Before you jump down my throat, I am very conscientious of the costs and will try to keep them to a minimum. My goal is to make some memories…

Princess and Beauty will graduate in just over 4 months. Prom has already been cancelled. There was no homecoming. No senior recognition events. Lots of “senior” privileges and experiences have been cancelled. Thanks, COVID!

I want to give them a last semester of high school to remember! I’ve read of lots of parent groups getting together to do something for their seniors, we don’t have that here, so I’m taking things into my own hands.

Any other high school senior parents out there? Is your district or parent groups doing anything special for your seniors?


  • Reply TENN |

    Good luck with the skiing – I know that different areas of the country have very different covid rules and I live in an area with pretty strict guidelines – but you may want to research the covid impact on your chosen ski area. In my area, lodges are generally closed (i.e. get ready in the car) except using the restroom and for people buying and eating the food that they bought. That means non-skiers cannot hang out in the lodge, brown bag lunches would have to eaten in the car, etc. You also must have a reservation to ski. I am a regular skier, but have not been this year. My husband and I are working out the details since we will have to change up our normal procedures. I am not sure how rentals are being handled as we have our own gear. My point is – you may not be able to decide at the last minute whether to ski or not.

    Have you looked at tubing options? While reservations would probably still be required (pre-COVID they were where I live due to popularity), it may be easier to commit ahead of time. We usually tube when on a trip with non-skiers on a day when we are not skiing.

    • Reply Hope |

      Great feedback. I will have to call around and find out about restrictions. And yes, tubing is a great alternative to consider. While Gymnast and Princess have been skiing for many years, this will be a first for Beauty.

  • Reply Elizabeth |

    Wow, all these years being a slope bunny and I had never heard the term “ski bib” before. We call all varieties of those garments snowpants around here. Good luck with the weather and don’t forget: keep distance, wear masks, wash hands!!

    • Reply Hope |

      The littles learned to ski about 10 years ago in Breckenridge, CO. We stayed at a then client’s condo for almost two weeks and while I worked, they went to ski school. (I think Princess was kindergarten age at the time.) All my “lingo” comes from that time as I had only been snow skiing once before that.

So, what do you think ?