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Does Everything Come in 3s, Part I


I am sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop. Do all bad things come in 3s? Is that the superstition?

First, trouble…I woke up this morning to a broken dryer. And it was quickly followed by another financial hit. (Details in the next post.)

A Dryer is Necessary

We kind of knew the dryer was going. I had the belt replaced a year or so ago while it was still under warranty. And Sea Cadet took part of the back apart and cleaned it out real good and replaced a few minor things a few weeks ago when it stopped drying very well. But in the last couple of days, it had begun shutting off during drying cycles, making noises, etc.

I bought it used when we first moved in here so 3 1/2 years ago. So I’m not really sure how old it is. But I imagine it is finally time for a new one. Unfortunately, the reputable place/man I purchased our current set from has died and his business closed.

Ugh! I’m willing to go about a week without one while I search for a used one from a reputable place. But I did a quick search on HomeDepot.com this morning to get an idea of new costs.

I know the BAD community will not like this, but I will only buy one from a business that offers some sort of warranty and delivery. I am not handy and do not want to deal with a “lemon” or the logistics/back pain installing one would cause me.

So wish me luck. I’m going to the local laundry mat today to see what services they offer and cost as we had a load in the dryer when it died. (I have been able to get it running a couple of times since it quit, but I am now sincerely worried about the fire hazard so am not pursuing that anymore. I’ve unplugged it and have the fire extinguisher sitting right by the laundry room door a as a precaution.)

Update: After I wrote this I receive a recommendation for a handyman who might fix dryers. I’ve put in a call and am waiting to hear back. Meanwhile, I’ve told the kids to plan for at least a week with no dryer.




  • Reply Emily N. |

    In my experience laundromat dryers are pretty cheap ($1 or so for a big load). But have you considered line drying? It costs $0 and is better for the environment.

  • Reply Walnut |

    Don’t be so quick to discount the used market. I sold a perfectly functional dryer for $50 on Facebook marketplace.

  • Reply SMS |

    Do you have room for a laundry line outdoors and/or a rack indoors? A dryer is handy but one can certainly do without.

  • Reply Drmaddog |

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting a new, reasonable dryer. You bought the one you have used, so you did your due diligence in being frugal with that. This is what emergency savings are for.

    If you go to the stores in person, they may have floor models for discount. And, many won’t like this suggestion either, but if you open a credit card, you can get 10% off. You MUST pay it off any close it immediately. I’ve done this for discounts on appliances and furniture before. But if there is any chance at all you will use the card after, don’t do this. The discount wouldn’t be worth the risk of more debt.

  • Reply Reece |

    Sounds like a good plan; delivery and warranty are important! I don’t know how the humidity is in GA but in The Midwest where I live it’s so high stuff would be on the line for days and then have so much pollen on the clothes and stuff it would be hell on my allergies. Use emergency fund and replenish.

  • Reply Kari |

    If you have access to a truck I highly recommend looking for a used one. I see them all the time free or cheap on Facebook Marketplace. You may have to drive a bit since your somewhat remote!

  • Reply Katie |

    I think it’s fine to get a new one. Maybe look for one with a scratch or dent. We got a new fridge that had a small dent on the bottom freezer for $1000 less than list, both due to the dent and to me asking “Is this the best price you can offer?” That one question knocked another $150 off.

  • Reply Lisa |

    You should be able to get a new dryer, installed and with a warranty, for under $500. This is an example of a good use of your emergency fund.

    • Reply susan |

      You can definately get a new dryer for under $500 at Lowes/HomeDepot/Sears. I have also been successful in buying coupon codes off ebay (for 5% off) or opening a credit card to get 10% off and then paying off the credit card and cancelling. I also agree that this is a good use of your emergency fund. I’d also agree you can probably get one for much cheaper/free off Facebook. Can’t you ask your sons to help install? They will also be using it. (I only mention this because in the post you say one of them actually took apart your old one and changed some pieces…so there is some handiness there….)

  • Reply jj |

    Some places sell appliances that work, but are not able to be sold in store because they are bumped/damaged – maybe look into that? They come with the warranty as well!

    • Reply Hope |

      Yes, that’s where I purchased my last one. It was a great deal, delivered and set up and warrantied. Unfortunately, the man who owned it passed away and it is now gone. Still looking for a similar store/individual.

  • Reply Angie |

    Have History Buff keep an eye for scratch and dent ones at his store. Usually it’s dents caused in delivery. Depending on his manager, they may or may not let him buy it for himself. But he can always alert you when there is one. Also, I know when I worked at the big box store, they’d let you haggle a further discount with the appliance or store manager.

    Also, I wouldn’t throw out the idea of sourcing a used one and paying a handyman to deliver and/or install it. You’re only planning to stay in the rental for a couple more years for the kids to finish high school. When you move out if it’s an old dryer you could leave it with the house and not have to worry about moving it.

So, what do you think ?