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How to Find Amazon Special Offers and Save Big Bucks


Do you want to find deals on Amazon that can help you save more? Do you want to know where and how you can find some of the best Amazon special offers?

Because of the convenience and range it offers, Amazon remains one of the top online retail companies. It also remains a popular choice because of the great deals it offers to its customers. You can see it in the numbers when Amazon’s online sales surged by 18.8% for the early 2020 holiday seasons.

In this guide, we’ll help you discover how and where to find the best Amazon deals. Keep reading to find out new virtual spaces in Amazon. Note that these tips fit Prime and non-Prime members.

1. Create Your Subscribe & Save Program

If you often go shopping on Amazon for daily essentials and groceries, you’ll love using Subscribe & Save. With Subscribe & Save, Amazon lets you select items you need to get every day or every week. Often, this includes laundry items, daily hygiene products, pet supplies, and baby care.

After you select these items, you’ll set the quantity and schedule. Afterward, you get free shipping and up to 15% off as savings. You’ll need to order over four products in a single month to get the 15% discount.

Subscribe & Save is your automatic shopping AI. It’s easy to remove, add, or change the items on the list. You can also turn off this feature if you want to do the shopping yourself.

2. Look Around the Website for Great Deals

If you want certified Amazon top deals, it’ll only take some maneuvering around the website. One of the easiest places to go to is the Today’s Deals area. You can find the link at the top of most Amazon pages.

On the Today’s Deals page, you’ll find a variety of Amazon special offers to use or get. That includes the Deals of the Day, Savings & Sales, and Lightning Deals. If you have Prime Early Access, you can shop Lightning Deals 30 minutes earlier.

3. Coupons for Amazon Special Offers

Smart shoppers love to take advantage of coupons, be it online or local grocery stores. Amazon also offers coupons to shoppers who are looking to save money. You can find clippable coupons for groceries, household items, and more.

You can find special coupon codes in the Special Offers section. To find it, click on a product to get to its product page. Look for the Special Offers Section within the page for coupon codes.

4. Shop for Used Items at Lower Prices

Do you dream of getting a fresh pair of AirPods for way less than the retail price? Do you want to get your child a Samsung digital tablet that looks and feels brand new? You can get refurbished, pre-owned, and open-box products at lower prices at Amazon Renewed.

You don’t need to worry about getting defective items. Qualified suppliers test and inspect the refurbished products first. It offers a guarantee which makes you eligible for a replacement if the product doesn’t work within 90 days.

If you want to find cheaper items, head to Amazon Warehouse. There, you can shop returned, warehouse-damaged, used, and refurbished products. It has everything from used tech and devices, to warehouse-damaged grocery items.

5. Set Price Trackers So You Can Shop at the Right Time

You won’t always find items you want at the most affordable prices. Often, it takes great and proper timing to find great Amazon deals. If you’re willing to wait for the prices of desired items to go down, it’s best to put a tracker on them.

Websites like Camelcamelcamel.com can help you track the prices on Amazon as they change. You only need to give your email and select the items you want to track for its price. When Camel sees that the item’s price dips, it will send you an email alert right away.

If you want to keep the price-tracking to yourself, place an item on your shopping cart instead. Don’t forget to click on the “save for later” button. Amazon will send you an alert when the item’s price changes for better or worse.

6. Make Your Way to Amazon Outlet and Bargain Finds

Looking through overstock items in a mall takes a lot of time and energy. When you’re buying on Amazon, it may also take more effort than regular Amazon shopping. However, you can save a lot when you go through the Amazon Outlet Store.

Amazon Outlet has great markdown prices on overstock and clearance products. Go to it to shop for items in categories like beauty, clothing, and more. You can even browse the “Under $10” category for very affordable products.

Another similar page Amazon has is the secret Bargains Finds page.

This page shows only items in block format plus their prices and ratings. You can’t search for specific items on this page since it doesn’t have a search bar. It’s more suited for the shopper who has time to browse through the Bargain Finds page.

7. Use or Avoid Amazon Prime

Did you know that you can save more if you bought Amazon Prime? Did you know that you can also save money if you skipped out on being a Prime member altogether? Depending on your behaviors as a shopper, you may find it smarter to use Amazon Prime or avoid it as a whole.

Amazon offers Prime as a way to give shoppers more discounts and offers. Some of the best Amazon special offers are exclusive to Prime members. Certain people, like college students, can get great Prime deals.

If you’re great at keeping your credit score up, consider signing up for a Prime Rewards credit card. Once you get approved, you get 5% each time you buy from Amazon. The Prime Rewards card also gathers points that you can redeem for travel, gift cards, or cashback.

However, if you don’t often shop at Amazon, you may find it difficult to make the most of a Prime account. The good news about non-Prime users is that you can go without it and still get free shipping. The catch is that you’d have to batch orders together and wait for a week of delivery instead of two days.

Save More When You Shop Smart

During crises, every cent counts. These special deals and discounts can make a big difference. All you need is to put in a little more effort and time to find great deals like this.

Now you know the best steps in finding great Amazon special offers. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of these tips the next time you shop on Amazon. If you want to see more guides like this, check out our other content too.

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