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Update on our Housing


I mentioned a month or so ago about my landlord mentioning selling our home to me. Well, I spoke with him yesterday when he was here with a handyman to fix some issues. He says he will not sell the home out from under me, but if I wanted to purchase it, he wanted me to know he would be willing to sell it.

He said as long as I continue to pay my rent on time and be a good tenant, he is not planning to put it on the open market. Phew! He knows that I have no plans to move for at least two years…staying put until Princess graduates from high school. And while he and I have chit chatted about improvements I would make if I were to purchase this home as well it being a great “retirement” home for me based on size and maintenance, at this point, I am not looking to buy. He is okay with that.

So that takes a weight off about having a “where do we go” panic attack in the next couple of years. When it’s just me, well, that will be a whole different story.

My Tiny House Dream

I do have a long term dream of building my own home…a tiny home on a permanent foundation. I’ve already designed it on paper and have a scrapbook that I add to every time I see a home feature I love or hate. There is no money going into this, no savings for it…just a dream. And it will probably stay that way for some years yet as I have no idea where my “forever” will be spent…it changes on a constant basis.

tiny home inspiration

I am always saving images like this one that inspire me when I think about building my own tiny home.

Until then, I love renting this home…I have a great landlord who lets me do what I want to the yard, paint the insides and so on. This has truly become home these last two years and by the time I will consider moving…will be the longest I have ever lived anywhere.


  • Reply carol |

    It’s a cute house and the landlord letting you stay for now is good. But “tiny houses” have a terrible re-sell value and people’s interest in them is fading (like everything does). People get tired of them too quickly. And some neighborhoods don’t want them due to dropping their property values. I’d do a ton of research before considering buying one.

  • Reply debthaven |

    Plus by buying or building a tiny house, you’re pretty much ensuring that your kids will never be able to spend time there. I’m guessing that’s not what you want.

  • Reply Emily N. |

    Phew! That must be such a relief to know that your housing is secure for the next couple years.

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