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Something for Free


We are now into the second week of the school year and we are slowly getting adjusted to the new schedule. Getting up early, exercising, volleyball practice, starving children, and long nights of homework. That is our new normal!

(And by starving children, I mean that when I pick Princess up at 6pm from volleyball, she is starving. But I’m in the car for 40 minutes to get her so it’s taking some special planning to time dinners to be ready quickly once we get home. But we are making it work.)

Costs of the New Private School

I thought I would give you an update on the new school and volleyball costs that I was worried about previously…

  1. Volleyball costs NOTHING! Not a dime. Compared to the public school cost of $300 this is amazing. (Yes, I know we are now paying tuition, but I had assumed there would be some sort of cost.)
  2. They feed them…all the time!
    • Lunch is included in the tuition, which was a pleasant surprise, but I found that out before school started.
    • They give the volleyball team girls money after each away game to eat on the way home…they stop at a restaurant and give each of them money as they get off the bus to buy themselves food.
    • During home games, they can go to the dining hall and eat dinner between games and they prepare them a snack between school and the game.
  3. They have textbooks and assign them Chromebooks. I know most schools have one or the other, but during our brief stint in the public school, neither of my kids EVER got a textbook to use to study. And while they had computers in the classroom, they were, well, lacking. And they couldn’t take them home. Princess now has a really nice, touchscreen Chromebook for her assignments that is hers to use during the year. And she has textbooks. I LOVE this!
  4. Activities…every freaking weekend! Yes, they take them to Atlanta Braves and Falcons games, go paddleboarding, white water rafting and so much more. Every non-holiday weekend, they have things planned that students can sign up to participate in and most of them are free of charge. Holy Cow! I want to go back to school just to go on some of these adventures.

Not What We Expected

And aside from the financial implications and educational benefits, it is not at all what I (the BAD community expected.) People are SO NICE! So inclusive. Because of the uniforms and inclusiveness, the have and the have nots are not as obvious would expect.

Princess school uniform

First day of school in her new school uniform.

And because of the boarding and international student presence, the racism and teasing Princess (and Gymnast) had seen as so prevalent at the local public schools is non-existent. There are kids there from EVERYWHERE, all countries, all backgrounds.

This school truly does live up to what I was told was its goal which is to provide a phenomenal education to the Northeast Georgia Mountain kids and more.

Don’t get me wrong, Princess is being challenged to her very core with the 4 honors classes, playing a sport, and a variety of other special requirements…but just wow! I am so impressed and so happy we made this switch. As I predicted, this is going to be life-changing for her and definitely prepare her for the next step in her journey.



  • Reply Elizabeth S. |

    This is such a positive update! So happy for Princess (and kinda wish I had gone to a school like that).

  • Reply Lisa M |

    Of course when there’s a positive post no one comments! I’m so excited to hear that Princess’ school is working out! That is so cool about the food, etc.

    One question I have, are textbooks not a common thing anymore? I was surprised to hear that isn’t a common thing.

    • Reply Sarah |

      Our kids are 21 and 24. They had some textbooks but a lot of information is now online. Even copies of textbooks are online. Such a different world.

  • Reply debtor |

    sounds like a great school. I’m a believer of investing in education so glad you could swing this for her. Im not sure if she has an idea of what she wants to do later on in life (lol – i know she can’t even drive yet right!) but if she has a clue id pay attention to what schools they types of companies she’s interested in actively recruit from the ones she is considering. makes a huge difference long term. If she’s interested in spelman, i’d say also strongly consider Howard, and since she’s smart might be worth it to toss in one or 2 elite schools (doesn’t have to be harvard but say university of chicago or northeastern for example).

So, what do you think ?