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DIY – Hair!


First off, thank you to the BAD readers who took the time to give me well thought out and educated responses to my query regarding the minimum wage increase. I realize it’s a hot topic to many. But I never believe that bashing or belittling someone’s thoughts is the way to change them…education is. So thank you to those who responded in that light.

I would guess that I am one of the lowest maintenance women I know. My sister is the same way; although she does brush her hair. But after months of no hair maintenance, my daughter pointed out that it was time to do something about my “rat’s nest.” We call it that because I literally wash and then wrap it up on the top of my head with a scrunchie, and never touch it again.

She pointed out all my greys, well earned, I might add. And she pulled up an older picture of the two of us when I had bangs and said she wanted me to look like that again. I placed my trust in her and one of her friend’s hands to complete a makeover.

A Cheap Makeover

My only cost…a $7 box of brown hair dye. (She went in with me to make sure I didn’t pick “purple or something.”)

We stayed up late into the night while she completed the dye job, blew dry my hair and then she cut some bangs. Voila…here’s the end result. I love it!

Sidenote: did you notice my daughter’s dual purpose, economical decorations behind me? She collects sunglasses and not only does she wear them, all the time, but she has also used some of her yarn from her knitting to use them as bedroom decorations as well. I love how creative she is.

I know there have been lots of “self care” related posts by the women bloggers here on BAD. While some find their hair and self care time a necessary expense, it’s definitely one of my extras and not one I worry about at all. But I sure am grateful for the time and effort my daughter took to making me look my best…at least according to her. At least my greys are at bay for a few more months.



  • Reply Angie |

    You’re brave to let teenagers cut and dye your hair. I bet that was some really fun bonding time!

  • Reply Elizabeth S. |

    This is so awesome! Looks great, both cut and color!!

    I haven’t been to the salon in about ten years, myself. I taught myself cutting and dying from YouTube and I go to the beauty supply outlet store for my supplies. A dye job costs me around $11 but I use professional chemicals! I am a huge advocate of people trying this stuff out for themselves. It’s not hard at all. I bought hair shears for $30 about five years ago and sharpen them once in awhile. Best purchase.

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