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Please help me congratulate…


Please help me congratulate this AMAZING son of mine! He has officially passed his Basic EMS test and can now work in his chosen field. Woot, woot!

He is continuing his schooling this summer and will test for his Advanced EMS this fall either here or in California. As planned, he will be departing at the end of July to serve with Americorps FEMA for a year.

I am so, so proud of him. For those of you new to following me, I will give you a brief history of Sea Cadet…

Sea Cadet’s Story

Sea Cadet grew up in a transient home, essentially homeless until he was 12 years old and both of his parents were incarcerated. He along with his 4 siblings were placed in foster care, Sea Cadet and his identical twin brother (History Buff) were placed with me. They were in 7th grade and attending public schools. They had attended at least 6 different schools at that point, and were performing at a 3rd/4th grade level academically.

Sea Cadet had a speech impediment, couldn’t see (he needed glasses) and had an IEP through the special ed department that provided him additional support for a variety of other things. Their goal for him was to ride the public buses alone someday. I was floored when I first heard this after having him in my home for about a month at that time.

The twins had been bullied their whole lives and just passed on through the system. I received special permission to pull Sea Cadet out of public school in order to work with him as a homeschooled student. It was intense and not always pleasant for either of us. But we had an amazing homeschool community who just surrounded him and accepted him and nurtured him and pushed him.

He graduated from high school a year late and dove into this EMS program…and here we are. He’s gotten his drivers license, holds down a job and the boy they described in those initial IEP papers just doesn’t exist anymore.

What’s Next for Sea Cadet

He is a true testimony of what I’ve always believed, sometimes all it takes is for someone to tell you that you can do something.

Sea Cadet has a heart for serving…he is a volunteer firefighter in our local community, participates in the local Police Explorers program and will soon begin work as an EMT before serving a year with Americorp. I don’t know exactly what his future holds, but I can’t see anything but a fantastic adventure ahead and he is ready for it!



  • Reply Canan Onat |

    Congratulations to Sea Cadet! Bravo! Wishing him good luck and a bright path for his walk of life…

  • Reply revdrmd |

    Congratulations to Sea Cadet! Thank you for believing in him and what he could become and not what was written. Hope, this is one of your success stories!

  • Reply Alice |

    What an amazing accomplishment! I wish more people just loved on kids and took care of them instead of looking down on them like so much trouble. This just goes to show that anyone can do anything if only they have some encouragement. Great job momma!

  • Reply Den |

    Awesome!!! Congrats and best wishes – you have a bright future ahead of you!

  • Reply Reece |

    That’s wonderful, he has so much to be proud of. Lots of hard work!

  • Reply Cwaltz |

    Good job Sea Cadet! Always remember that YOU, not others get to decide who you are. Continue to not let others limit you. And good job Hope for teaching him that with hard work he can acheive things.

  • Reply Mary |

    What an amazing story! Congrats to Sea Cadet and major kudos to you for changing a person’s life for the better!

  • Reply Sue |

    What an amazing accomplishment – he has the whole world ahead of him and it is so gratifying to know that there are kids out there with a heart for giving to others. You were lucky to have found each other!!!

  • Reply Kiara |

    Wow, good for him for overcoming such adversity and GOOD FOR YOU for being someone who takes in a special needs child and alters her entire universe to teach him in the special way that he learns. I have goosebumps. You are both so special and are lucky to have found each other.

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