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How to cheer up


One way to cheer up has always been through the stomach. People tend to get happier when they can eat something delicious or their favorite foods. One delicious idea is to make some lasagna roll ups. They are not difficult to make and the combinations of ricotta, mozzarella, spices, and delicious sauce is just the right way to put a smile back onto your face. When you are not eating a full meal keep some of your favorite snacks on hand they’re sure to get you into a better frame of mind.

Create a playlist of happy songs the you enjoy. Good music always tends to lighten one’s mood and make them happier. The brain reacts to the good vibes and soon you will find that you are tapping your feet to the music. Song that are bright, cheerful, and positive always have made the clouds go away.  It is always the combination of a cheerful melody and joyful lyrics that make someone feel much better.

When it seems that things are not going right and you are feeling really down it helps greatly to give your best friend a call. Just pick up the phone, sit back, and you can bet you’ll already feel much better when they answer the phone. Then you can discuss what is making you upset and your best friend can help you find a solution to your problem.

Pick a movie that you can enjoy like a comedy or an action movie that will get you involved and keep you mind off of your problems at least for a while. Watching a movie that can get you excited or happy and laughing is always a big mood lifter. Soon you find you are right there in the middle of the action and before you know it time has flown and you are already feeling way better than you were feeling before.

Take the time to relax. Read a good book or take a refreshing nap. If you feel suddenly confined in your home take a walk in the park. Get out in the sunshine and the fresh air and you’ll see that you’ll soon be feeling better, Often people start to feel isolated and if they feel down then it just gets worse. So it is a good idea if that is what is going on to just head right out the door. Grab your handy digital camera and find all kinds of things to take photos of and before you know it you’ll be back to feeling on top of the world.

Take the time to work out. Good exercise is not only good for the body but also for the mind. Do some running, fast walking, yoga, or even dancing. It will do wonders for your body and will ease your mind into a better mood. When your body get rejuvenated and refreshed so does your mind and that combination always makes people feel way better than just sitting around and feeling bad. If your work has you doing a lot of computer time now and then get up and walk about the room or do some knee bends right by your chair.

When you’ve done a lot of good work and made the accomplishments you hoped to make praise yourself and say thank you. Go out and buy yourself a special treat that you have been craving or something that you wanted to buy but didn’t previously. Rewarding yourself can make for a very happy person indeed.


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