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Another Side Job


I think I mentioned last spring that I had applied to be a substitute teacher here locally. And then I heard nothing despite two cycles of substitute hiring happening. (They only hire in the spring and the late summer here.)

Well, it looks like I will finally get my shot at being a teacher, at least occasionally! I have an interview next week. And from what I understand, this step is just a formality.

To be honest, I’m not sure how it will work out with all the work I’ve picked up. I know I couldn’t take a long term assignment. But I am definitely open to having another side gig, especially this since it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. And most of my work can do done on my own schedule.

As a long term homeschooling mom, teaching is kind of in my blood. My mom was also a teacher after substituting for several years. I’m kind of excited about the opportunity.

And I don’t know how much it pays. But I am still excited about the possibility. Once I’m in, I’m in. Princess has two more years until she graduates, so this could be a good side gig for a while. And give me the summers off with her!

Has anyone else substitute taught in the past? Any words of wisdom?



  • Reply shanna |

    I think it is a great opportunity! In our district you can just accept or deny positions at will with each call. So you can decide that day if you have time to do it. I think here it pays around $120-$150/day (but we are in a high income area of Northern California). Congrats and good luck!!

    • Reply Hope |

      Wow, that’s alot. I doubt the pay is close to that here, but I suppose will find out during the interview.

  • Reply Julie |

    I subbed while getting my masters at night. The high school grades were usually super easy as the teacher usually left busy work or watching a movie so as long as behavior was good I could do my school work often at the same time also lots of
    Free planning periods I could do school work. Elementary school subbing was a lot busier and more work.

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