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Move Complete


I moved over Labor Day weekend and the move is now complete!

I’m about 90% settled into the new house. The kitchen was the first thing to be set up, then my room, the kids’ room, and living room. I’ll be using the 3rd bedroom as an office (the girls are sharing a room), but I don’t have any office furniture yet and am in no hurry to get any so it’s kind of in a state of disarray (I’ve been working in the kitchen at the bar). I’ve been keeping my move costs as low as possible, but random stuff still comes up. I left the router and modem so I had to buy a new one, for example (also – when TH did routers and modems start costing so much money? I thought that was going to be like a $20 purchase. Bahaha!)

But, where I ended up having to spend some money, I’ve been able to save in other places. My Mom gifted me a dresser for the girls’ room (side note: I initially wrote “my mom gifted us” and had to change it to “me.” Kinda sad….still getting used to the whole “solo” thing). And my sister/Dad (sis and I share POA for my Dad’s estate) gifted me the washer/dryer set. Woohoo! All the really important “big” stuff is complete.

The only “big” things remaining that I’ll need include: some type of coffee table for the living room (it’s looking pretty barren with a single couch and that’s it, but no rush on this), and eventually a desk and chair for the office. Thanks for the tip from a reader to check out the university’s surplus store! I’ve already seen several desk/chairs for really cheap (like, $25 for read wooden desk!). I don’t have a truck that can transport the big pieces at this point, and I’ve been fine working from the kitchen for now, so I’m just not worrying about setting up the office at this point. Maybe I’ll pick out a smaller desk or borrow a truck from a friend at some point. For now, I’m fine as-is.

It’s incredible how quickly the new place has come to feel like “home.” Even with no decoration, nothing on any walls, and still piles of boxes (albeit, in the office only), this place just feels like “mine.” I mean….I’m renting so technically it’s NOT even mine…I’m just a tenant. But it FEELS like mine. The girls and I made cookies one of our first days and took a plate over to the neighbors so we could introduce ourselves. Feels like our neighborhood.

I’m relieved with how well the transition has gone (knock on wood). I’m sure there will be tough times (emotionally), but right now we’re still flying high on the excitement of a new house, new neighborhood, new neighbors, new parks with new amenities, etc. etc. etc. Good times. <3

Happy Saturday!



  • Reply Cwaltz |

    Home Depot rents trucks by the hour if you can’t find someone with a truck to volunteer.

  • Reply Juhlin |

    I’d ask whomever runs the campus excess furniture sale area if they know anyone who works cheaply to deliver furniture. And ask everyone you work with. There are probably lots of people doing that kind of thing inexpensively near a large university.

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