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Hope’s Anticipated Spending – Week of 9/21


My parents will be here for most of this week. But even last week, we spent most of our time at my Grandmother’s visiting rather than being out. Which means, not only am I not spending any money, but I’m not having to cook alot. It’s a nice break!

As we really get into the No Spend mindset, I’m already seeing a change in my own thoughts as I think through the week.

Anticipated Spending - Week of 9/21

Income *after taxes$464
Volleyball - entrance fees($5)
Sea Cadet Insurance$50
Furniture for History Buff??


The only notable expenditure this week is my unknown costs for getting History Buff settled in. At this time, he anticipates moving down from VA on Sunday.

History BuffWhile I’ve got a closet for him, I do not have a bed. I don’t know that I will get to it this week but I wanted it in the anticipated spending just in case. For now, he can sleep on our couch.

But there are going to be some costs with him moving in, and I’m not certain of them yet. Make no mistake, we will keep them to a minimum.

If you are a praying person, please pray as we adjust to a new normal with History Buff moving in. This change is going to take some adjustment from everyone. Any words of wisdom from parents who had an adult son return home would be greatly appreciated.



  • Reply debtor |

    you don’t have to answer this if it’s too personal but what’s his relationship with his twin? are they close? will the one that stayed have a calming/soothing effect on him?

  • Reply Deborah Adamski |

    Can History Buff start saving for a bed once he gets back to your home? Is it possible that he could save up and buy an air mattress in the meantime? We moved from Virginia to Florida last year. My husband and I bought used bed frames for the kids and bought brand new mattresses and box springs for them once we got to Florida. My husband and I slept on two large air mattresses for six months while we saved up the money needed to get a new bed.

    I hope this helps and it is just a thought.

  • Reply Sarah |

    For a bed, we bought a metal frame and a mattress. Was relatively cheap. You don’t need a headboard, footboard, box spring, etc.

    As for having an adult son move home, we had that. Our 19 year old moved back from college and stayed. It was a tough transition but we are now good. He had some growing pains of wanting to be independent. We talked with a therapist who said our rules should be –

    1. If he says he is going to be home for a meal and he changes his mind, he has to tell us.

    2. If he is not going to be home by 11 pm, he needs to tell us.

    3. If we are gone, he is not allowed to have people over without telling us.

    That is about all we should expect in regards to information. He does not have to tell me who he is going out with, etc. It was difficult at first but we are good now.

    • Reply Hope |

      I love these rules, thank you for sharing. We are definitely going to have a bumpy start, but I believe we will make it through.

      I also asked my uncle if he had any extra beds and he said to come by and he would work something out. Not sure what that means, but headed over tomorrow to see.

So, what do you think ?