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Homemade Gift Giving


We haven’t bought a single thing yet for Christmas. I mentioned before, but both sets of Grandparents are kind of going all-out for Christmas this year. The girls are going to be spoiled rotten as-is. So, we’re planning to go pretty minimal for them and just stick to basic needs (e.g., some new school clothes, socks and undies, etc.)

We originally said we were NOT going to get anything for each other. But in thinking and talking about it more, we decided we’d do a homemade gift exchange. We set the limit at $10 for any supplies or materials that need to be purchased. Anything we already own is fair game to be used (we have a decent amount of crafting materials already due to our kiddos).

I’m looking for some good homemade gift giving ideas!

We’ve been broke for a long time, so I’ve already done some of the more popular cheap/free craft ideas. I’ve done a scrapbook, 52 Reasons I love you (similar to this), coupon books, etc.


I need something new. Something more creative and innovative….but not too challenging for someone who doesn’t have a lot of talent when it comes to arts-and-crafts.

Any ideas? Does anyone else exchange homemade gifts with significant others?


  • Reply Klm |

    What about a coupon/favor book? Good for things like: taking the girls out for 2 hours to let him have the house to himself, cooking his favorite dinner, washing his car, taking on a chore, a back rub, etc?

  • Reply first step |

    If you want some inexpensive outdoor decorations, you can make tomato cage Christmas trees. They can be as basic as a tomato cage with lights or as ornate as you want with garland and other trimmings.You may already have some supplies on hand, and tomato cages cost $2-5 each, depending on size. Here’s a link to the Google image search that will show you the variety of ideas. https://tinyurl.com/y9l5uhlx

    • Reply Kili |

      Are you able to do regular date nights? How often? Once a month? I saw this idea for date night jars where you use a popsicle stick or similar and write different activities on each. Then you color code the other end (for free activities like a Picknick, movie night at home…. , Activities involving little money, and some a bit more extravagant)..
      Google comes up with a lot of examples for it.

      Or you could make a homemade calender for 2018. Either with printed out family pictures. Or couples pictures that show your story throughout the year. or also one activity for each month. Or maybe encouraging quotes / sports quotes or whatever hubby would enjoy most.

  • Reply Andrea |

    Love this idea. I have an extra string of outdoor lights that I was trying to decide what to do with, and now I know.

  • Reply debtor |

    similar to the reasons why i love you… what about those cards that he can redeem for something nice….so like “15 min back massage” and the deal is he can use them WHENEVER he wants – no complaints

  • Reply Guest |

    I don’t want to criticise but this seems to be turning into a lifestyle blog rather than a PF blog. While I really do enjoy reading these personal stories and feel it helps readers connect to the bloggers, i feel that both you (Ashley) and hope are avoiding adressing some long overdue budget and debt updates.

    I understand you feel bad about recent setbacks but i met sure you realise that postponing or ignoring the issue Will not make it dissappear. Please share your current situation in order for the readers to advise you order even only encourage you. I think that you are afraid for the reactions of readers where past experience had shown you that we aren’t all that harsh and might provide you with some good advice..

    I really hope seeing a real debt/ budget update soon!

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