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No More Consumer Debt


Ha! Look what popped up in my e-mail inbox the other day…

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The 3-year anniversary of the day we first bought my car.

I had several thoughts when I saw this email:

First, I can’t believe it’s only been 3 years! For some reason I thought we’d had the car longer than that.

Second, I can’t believe we paid off over $24,000 in car-debt in under 3 years! (Remember, we paid it off in January.)  This is in addition to all the other debt we’ve paid in that timeframe (See my most recent debt update here). That blows my mind!

Third, nice try Carmax! Ha! We’ll be driving this car into the ground and, even then, when it’s time to buy a new car we’ll do so by paying cash (probably through private sale for a better deal) and we will NEVER EVER be financing through you again! No offense (I mean, Carmax was a dream to work with compared to Navient). It’s just that we’ll never be walking down that road again. Nope. Aside from a mortgage, we will never have consumer debt again. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. We’re busy at work right now building up a healthy emergency fund so we can be absolutely sure of it.

So best wishes to you as a company, but the odds of getting any business from my family in the future is slim-to-none. We’ll wave at you as we drive by, though. Thanks for furnishing us with a great, reliable car!

Peace out!

Side note: Just as a point of clarification, our original car loan was through Carmax. Once I started blogging here I refinanced through PenFed for a much better interest rate. That’s why the car loan is listed as “PenFed” in my debt spreadsheet. Just wanted to clarify.

So, what do you think ?