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How Do You Write about Money…


It’s very hard to write about money and paying off debt when you don’t have any money to pay off debt.  And I’m certain we don’t want to turn Blogging Away Debt into Hope’s Job Search.  So there is the challenge I face as I continue to try to write.

Thus, the goal of “finding” some money to not only sustain us while I job search but to also, maybe continue at least paying the minimum debt payments.

So I’m back to finding more things to sell and even downsizing even more.  Prior to the job loss, we were DEFINITELY moving in April so I had a timeline to digitize all my files, update all my scrapbooks and trash the duplicate pictures and finish going through our limited items in storage.  Now that timeline has been moved up since we may move sooner than that depending on what happens with a job for me.

As I’ve been cleaning things out, I’ve found even more items to sell and some or hopefully all will bit a bit more on the valuable side.  The problem…I’m not sure where to sell these items or if I just got the ebay route…how to price them.

So here’s what I’ve collected thus far:

  • Soft sided luggage in like new condition (have a 6 piece set but we really only use the smaller pieces so have 2 large pieces)
  • Care Bears in like new condition (the old pose-able ones)
  • Antique cameras – about a 1/2 dozen of them
  • Some collectible memorabilia which frankly I have no idea where it came from
  • Antique silver ware set that was either my great-grandmothers or even older than that

So I’m going to do some digging this week to figure the best place and price to start selling some of these more unique items.  I’m also working on crafty presents for our homeschool co op teachers, family presents and even some for the kids.

I’m grateful for these ‘chores’ to work on.  They help me feel like I’m still being productive, although the bulk of my time is being spent on networking and job search.

Two more phone interviews yesterday….and several last week.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the right opportunity comes along and that I make good decisions in the mean time.


  • Reply Katie |

    My gut tells me the luggage or any “household” good would sell best through craigslist, a neighborhood listserve or an online Facebook yard sale site for your community. Anything collectible I’d look at ebay, a local dealer or a specialty site (like Replacements.com for the silver). Ebay and Replacements can give you a ballpark of what they may be worth. And/or google the pattern name and manufacturer and see what comes up. Good luck.

    • Reply Hope |

      Thanks for the recommendations, Katie! I had forgot about Replacements, I will have to check with them. Unfortunately, this is silver is so old, I haven’t even been able to find any stamps on it. It looks like something you would see in those historical museums.

  • Reply Den |

    Is there any sentimental value to the old silver? If so, I’d try and hang on to that….

    I’m impressed with your productivity and can-do attitude! I’m not sure what your skill set is, but I hear of bloggers that hire virtual help for their blogs – is that something you would be interested in? You’ve got experience from this site. Just my two cents!

    • Reply Hope |

      Hey Den,
      No sentimental value. I’ve found that as much I thought was, I’m not one who clings to “things” of sentimental value. If the last couple of rough years have taught me, it’s not what you have in your life, but who. There is NOTHING I wouldn’t sell to do right by my kids and make my dream of getting to serve other children come true. I don’t want my legacy to my children to be “stuff” I want it to be a life lived by Faith and full of Love. Sorry, lots of time to reflect on who I am and what I want to leave behind so I know how I need to live going forward.

  • Reply Maureen |

    Hope, Even if you don’t feel you have something to say, as a reader, I anxiously await your posts each week. I am cheering for you on the sidelines and your current situation and perspective resonates with many families (whether they will admit it or not). Please, keep blogging, even if you don’t believe you have much to say!

    • Reply Hope |

      Thank you, Maureen. I have recently come to the realization that I may have needed to have this experience. I’ve always been a firm believer in meeting people where they are at because frankly, that’s where they start from. And if you haven’t been there, it’s so much harder to relate. So maybe I’m here in this place, in this time, to prepare me for what comes next.

  • Reply Parul |

    Hello Hope:

    I have been a BAD reader for a long time and I am truly in awe of your determination and positive attitude. I really really wish you find something real soon in the corporate world.
    In the meanwhile, I wanted to throw in a suggestion that you may have already explored. Have you tried on free lancing sites such as elance.com and guru.com. Some of these sites I know let you bid on projects based on your skills and availability. Just something to try if you have not yet tried.

    • Reply Hope |

      Parul, Thank you for your encouraging words. I have indeed registered with Guru and Elance, in fact, Guru is where I found the contract I just lost…8 years ago! They have changed quite a bit since then but I am definitely keeping my eyes peeled.

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