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A Little Good News on the Job Front


I’ve been offered and accepted a part time job.  It’s contract work, so no benefits, but it is what I have been doing and the pay rate mediocre at best.  But it is skilled labor and on the outskirts of my field and for a company that is VERY HIGHLY respected in my field.

So beginning in January, I will get between 15-25 hours a week which I can work from home at my leisure.  I figured that it’s great to know I will have some money coming beginning in January and it’s something I can do in conjunction with another job until I get back on my feet…firmly back on my feet!

So yeah!  The job hunt is still on…looking for full time, corporate work with benefits and maybe Relocation Expenses or a Signing Bonus!


  • Reply Jen From Boston |

    Excellent!! It must be such a relief to know you’ll have income starting in January! And it will be nice to have a good name on your resume, too.

  • Reply Emily N. |

    Congrats! Take this as an affirmation of your skills and keep looking up. Surely something fulltime will come your way soon.

  • Reply Kate |

    Hope, you should feel so proud of how you’ve handled this tough situation. You’re doing great.

  • Reply Adam |

    Hi Hope. Congrats on the PT job.

    Could you email me directly? My email should be visible by you in the WordPress portal. I have a couple questions about your work/business.

    Hoping to hear from you!

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