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My Social Life


I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

On my last post, a few of you have asked how my social life has been effected by my debt payoff. This is a harder question to answer than I originally thought it would be considering I’ve spent most of (if not all) my adult life either worrying about making ends meet or in a super form of debt payoff, but I’ll do my best to answer it.

Dating: It’s been 2.5 years since the last time I dated. I met my girlfriend in the summer of 2012. We  met on OK Cupid (a dating website) that made dating on a budget really easy. OF the hand full of dates I went on, I think we ended up going to Starbucks, or some other coffee place every time. So I was probably spending $5 at the most per date- pretty cheap. The only exception to this was when I met my girlfriend. Our “dates” consisted of hanging out at her place, having a beer or two and watching Netflix, so really, besides the beers, we didn’t spend anything on our dates. This is one of the reasons we work well together- neither of us like spending money going to a restaurants or to the movies to the bar and prefer to stay in instead. Our date nights these days consist of making dinner and doing a Redbox, or we like going for drives or walking the dogs on the nice days. We also love doing puzzles in the winter or having backyard fires in the summer. The most important thing to us is just spending time together.

Going out with friends: I miss how much I was going out with friends and such, but don’t get me wrong here- before I decided to hit my debt hard, I wasn’t going out every night or even every weekend. I’m very much an introvert and not at all a socialite. So before my big debt push, I was spending $50 a week, tops, meeting friends. A lot of times we ended up just hanging out at one of their homes. These days, it probably takes me a couple months to spend $50 going out with friends. Most of my friends these days are married and have kids, so even if I weren’t on a debt payoff, they’re not focused on the bar scene either. When we do go out, it’s usually to a low key dive bar that we like that has cheap beers, but it fits our purpose just fine.


  • Reply scarr |

    I don’t think my social life has changed too much since I started paying off debt. As a fellow introvert, eating out was never one of my budget busters – I got myself into debt buying DVD’s and crap for my apartment. Now that I am out of consumer debt, I (still) rarely eat out as I fancy myself an excellent cook. I do enjoy going for a beer once or twice a month – but I almost never order food during those times.

  • Reply Kili |

    I guess it’s great that you enjoy so many free/cheap things & that your girlfriend isn’t big of a spender either.

  • Reply Patrick |

    My favorite thing to do is have friends over. If you provide the space, you’d be amazed how easy it is to ask everyone else to bring everything else. A few soft drinks and some beer or wine on-hand (costs less than one night out at the bar, I’ve found) is enough to have a rousing evening watching a movie or playing a game or just sitting around chatting.

  • Reply Jill |

    I miss going to the casino and drinking Rum & cokes. They get expensive after a while.

  • Reply Den |

    It sounds like your lifestyle is low key, but happy – that is wonderful!

    I would encourage you to continue to make your friendships and girl friend a priority. Cheap pot lucks and bbqs, picnics, dive bars, game nights – all good stuff and not expensive! Friendships get more important as you go thru life and I would hate for you to miss out or lose them due to lack of commitment. But overall, it sounds like you have a happy life!! Thanks for the post!

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