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  • Reply Ms. Mintly @ MintlyBlog |

    You’re definitely doing right by your boys! It’s great to hear that they’re learning the value of money AND saving. It sounds like they’re enjoying the freedom of having some spending money as well as the satisfaction of seeing their savings grow. Good for you!

    • Reply Hope |

      Yes, they are, and learning lots of lessons with it. Like if you go out and buy an expensive meal one weekend…the next you can’t take your girlfriend out for Valentines. And also that a commitment is a commitment…you can’t ask off work the days before Valentines because you forgot to plan ahead. Some of them are pretty tough for them to stomach, but I am consistent at explaining and I really think they are getting it.

      • Reply Ashley |

        I think this is great, Hope! These are what are called “natural consequences” and serve such a valuable lesson! It’s got to be TOUGH for a teenager to learn lessons like this, but much much easier as a teen when the big thing at stake is simply a Valentine’s dinner versus as an adult where the stakes are much higher (e.g., if you spend money and can’t pay rent, you’re evicted and become homeless, etc.)

    • Reply Hope |

      Yes, Kayla, I certainly hope they are able to stay the course. But I think being relatively open about the position we are in and what it’s going to take to get us where we want to be will be a good learning lesson for them. And God knows, we talk about it enough with all sorts of variables.

  • Reply Tracie |

    What a great idea. I especially love that you had a plan before the kids started the job and got used to having a whole lot of extra money. I also think it’s really inspiring to hear you say that despite the fact you struggled a bit with your own finances you recognized the importance of teaching your kids differently. There are many, many people who would instead say, “I don’t know how to teach this, I’ll let them figure it out on their own.”

    • Reply Hope |

      I think having the plan first is what made the difference! As you said, before they got used to having all this free money, there were boundaries so I never really took anything away. And they are so motivated to keep working. Just yesterday we sat down and did the math of where they would be if they worked full time for 12 weeks this summer. It was a fun exercise and they were like…whoa!

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