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ARGH!!!!!! WHYYYYY?????

Fridays are supposed to be all smiles and sunshine and rainbows and crap. Today has most definitely felt more like a Monday and definitely sucked more than a little.

So why am I typing in all caps with so many punctuation marks??????

I dropped my stupid phone.

And the new case that was supposed to be “soooooo supportive” failed me. The screen shattered. Again.

Grrrrrr!!!!!! I am SOOOOO MAD!!! Mostly at myself, as it was my fault for dropping the phone. But I’m also mad at my new stupid case that didn’t do anything to protect my phone. And I guess I’m just mad at the world in general (obviously, the phone isn’t the only issue I’ve had today…but its the icing on the crap-cake that has set me over the edge).

I’m seriously contemplating just dealing with it and having a cracked screen until the end of time. I do NOT want to shell out another $100+ to have it fixed. Even though the crack is pretty bad, its not nearly as bad as last time so the phone is still usable. I might try to hold off a bit just to punish myself and learn my lesson (I’m such a masochist, lol). If/when I do have it fixed, I know a cheaper place I can use than last time. My issue last time was that I needed an immediate fix and the cheaper place required a week’s advance appointment. This time my phone is still functional so I can afford to wait in exchange for a cheaper price.

Regardless of all that stuff…..I’m just going to stew in my anger and frustration a bit. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Reply Sue |

    My students have told me that there are screen replacement kits that you can order online for a few dollars and that actually replacing them is not difficult. The kits come with the tool necessary to remove the old screen and attach the new screen. I haven’t tried it yet, but one of my students says she has done two phones and it has worked out great.

    Just thought I would let you know.

  • Reply mary m |

    Check ebay for the screen replacement kits! I did one a couple years ago (on an iphone3) and it worked perfectly.

    Do you have a screen protector on it? What case are you using? I highly recommend speck for cases, and a good screen protector. It’s not cheap but I’m not good with my phone, and other than that initial screen cracking, I’ve never broken it since (tho it’s been dropped probably 100 times or more. I have a 2 yr old too ;-))

  • Reply scarr |

    🙁 I would not be able to sit still with a cracked screen. I would probably find things to sell in order to fund the fix because it would DRIVE ME NUTS.

  • Reply Carrie |

    This is to make you feel a bit better . . . My daughter has cracked 4 screens. One she dropped. One she dropped and then it was stepped on in the hallway at school. One she dropped on my kitchen floor tile – that time she needed a whole new phone because Apple could not replace the screen because the phone was actually dented. She got a replacement phone from the insurance we carry on her phone. Then a few weeks ago it fell out of her backpack at a soccer game and cracked again. Total replacement cost of all screens: $170 x 2, $200 x1 and 1 x $140. Grand total $680 . . . She is still living – barely . . Apple actually dropped the price on the iphone5 screen. Oh and I cannot forget to mention the fact that the phone was stolen once at school and recovered by the police.

  • Reply Cory |

    I go caseless but my wife and kids have otterbox cases on all their devices. Have had any issues when those cases are in. They can get spendy but you can usually find a decent deal on amazon if your flexible on color.

  • Reply Sandra G |

    I drive truck and have dropped my phone on many occasions, I have an Otter Box Defender case and have never had it break. I have dropped it on dirt, concrete, asphalt, and in my house, never ever had a problem. I will always have an Otter Box Defender on my phone. They also guarantee it, if your phone breaks while in an Otter Box they will replace it.

    • Reply Cory |

      I should have been more specific, yes the otter box defender. Much better than the commuter line for protection

  • Reply Christine |

    I have had a $10 hard plastic case from Dollar General on my iphone for the past 2 years, dropped it multiples times and have never cracked it or hurt the phone in any way. Tech people (best buy, friends) have asked me where I got my case because they said its high quality (who knew?).

    I think this time you should save up for a good case, because the cost of replacing the screen over and over will be way more than a case that prevents this from happening again.

  • Reply Katie |

    I love my Otterbox! I have dropped my iphone multiple times, and no problems. Get one through Groupon – they range from $12 -$15. You can also get to Groupon through ebates and save a little bit more.

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