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ARGH!!!!!! WHYYYYY?????

Fridays are supposed to be all smiles and sunshine and rainbows and crap. Today has most definitely felt more like a Monday and definitely sucked more than a little.

So why am I typing in all caps with so many punctuation marks??????

I dropped my stupid phone.

And the new case that was supposed to be “soooooo supportive” failed me. The screen shattered. Again.

Grrrrrr!!!!!! I am SOOOOO MAD!!! Mostly at myself, as it was my fault for dropping the phone. But I’m also mad at my new stupid case that didn’t do anything to protect my phone. And I guess I’m just mad at the world in general (obviously, the phone isn’t the only issue I’ve had today…but its the icing on the crap-cake that has set me over the edge).

I’m seriously contemplating just dealing with it and having a cracked screen until the end of time. I do NOT want to shell out another $100+ to have it fixed. Even though the crack is pretty bad, its not nearly as bad as last time so the phone is still usable. I might try to hold off a bit just to punish myself and learn my lesson (I’m such a masochist, lol). If/when I do have it fixed, I know a cheaper place I can use than last time. My issue last time was that I needed an immediate fix and the cheaper place required a week’s advance appointment. This time my phone is still functional so I can afford to wait in exchange for a cheaper price.

Regardless of all that stuff…..I’m just going to stew in my anger and frustration a bit. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!