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Our Trash May be Someone’s Treasure!


Won’t have a ton of posts today, this past week we have been working crazily to continue the purge.  The deadline is Friday morning when our garage sale opens!

I never considered myself a hoarder until last night when we started getting to the last nooks and crannies of places in the house.  OMG…I have not 1, not 2, not 3, but 7 sets of oil pastels.  And no, I am not an art teacher nor trained as an artist and we rarely use those types of art supplies in school  Why in the world do I have 7 almost never touched sets.  And that’s just one of the many things like that!

I was telling someone that if I received tax deductions on the WEIGHT of what I donate, I would be rolling in it, wouldn’t need to pay taxes for decades probably.  And despite all the donating, trashing and garage stuffed with things for the sale, our house is still full.  Just shows me how much more I have to go and truly how much “stuff” we have.  I’ve really enjoyed the blogs people have recommended regarding the minimalist lifestyle.  My daughter and I are going to try the Project333 route with our clothing.

So just a brief money update…want guess how much we’ve made thus far with selling stuff?  Okay, I won’t make you wait.


And that’s without the garage sale monies that we will hopefully earn this weekend.  Woohoo!  Just a reminder, these monies are being split between debt pay off and savings for replacement items that will happen once we find a new permanent living space, estimated at a year plus down the road.

I am so grateful for the all the garage sale hints.  Just by starting the advertising with pictures this week on our local Craigslist, Facebook groups and my personal page, we’ve got people picking things up tonight and shopping early tomorrow evening as we set up.  I am so excited for this stuff to be gone as we move closer to this new phase of our lives….T-Minus 3 weeks to move day.


  • Reply Alice |

    I find watching episodes of Hoarders to be very motivational. It helps me want to get rid of everything, you may check it out and see if that helps you, as well.

  • Reply TPol |

    Isn’t it so surprising to find out how much stuff owns us? Once you get rid of them, you will be free! I will check out Project333 because I think I can get rid of quite a bit of clothing items. I work part-time so, I do not need a great variety of work clothes and my daily attire is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. During the winter I wear long sleeve t-shirts. I call them my uniform…

  • Reply Downstairs and in Debt |

    Congrats on your sales! I hope your yard sale goes just as well!

    P.S. Posts on BAD are getting a little sparse – this is just coming from a daily reader though 🙂 Ashley and Hope are doing a great job but maybe a few others need to be thrown into the mix to keep it flowing until Stephanie returns to regular posting?

    • Reply Carnyanna |

      Good luck getting a response on that. Someone has mentioned that for weeks. Jeffrey seems to have checked out.

    • Reply Meghan |

      I agree Downstairs, and thanks for being the one to post what I think a lot of us are thinking! I agree that Hope and Ashley are doing an awesome job of putting out content on a weekly basis, but we were all lead to believe that there would be a resolution to the Jim situation. Readers were asked if we would like a replacement, it seemed that many said yes, readers have stepped up and offered to do the job (Matt expressed interest, Adam mentioned that he contacted Jeffrey with an offer to do updates) and nothing has happened. It seems the site always has to enter crisis mode before a response from the owners occurs…….

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