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Our Trash May be Someone’s Treasure!


Won’t have a ton of posts today, this past week we have been working crazily to continue the purge.  The deadline is Friday morning when our garage sale opens!

I never considered myself a hoarder until last night when we started getting to the last nooks and crannies of places in the house.  OMG…I have not 1, not 2, not 3, but 7 sets of oil pastels.  And no, I am not an art teacher nor trained as an artist and we rarely use those types of art supplies in school  Why in the world do I have 7 almost never touched sets.  And that’s just one of the many things like that!

I was telling someone that if I received tax deductions on the WEIGHT of what I donate, I would be rolling in it, wouldn’t need to pay taxes for decades probably.  And despite all the donating, trashing and garage stuffed with things for the sale, our house is still full.  Just shows me how much more I have to go and truly how much “stuff” we have.  I’ve really enjoyed the blogs people have recommended regarding the minimalist lifestyle.  My daughter and I are going to try the Project333 route with our clothing.

So just a brief money update…want guess how much we’ve made thus far with selling stuff?  Okay, I won’t make you wait.


And that’s without the garage sale monies that we will hopefully earn this weekend.  Woohoo!  Just a reminder, these monies are being split between debt pay off and savings for replacement items that will happen once we find a new permanent living space, estimated at a year plus down the road.

I am so grateful for the all the garage sale hints.  Just by starting the advertising with pictures this week on our local Craigslist, Facebook groups and my personal page, we’ve got people picking things up tonight and shopping early tomorrow evening as we set up.  I am so excited for this stuff to be gone as we move closer to this new phase of our lives….T-Minus 3 weeks to move day.

The house is in chaos…


…but the kids are all joyful and full engaged.  We have all settled down around the idea of our impending move and jumped on board the “get ready” train.   I don’t want this blog to turn into the “Hope’s Moving” blog for the next month, but perhaps small updates on the financial impact of the move and moving frugally would be alright?  Let me know your thoughts.

Over the past week, since the bombshell of our move was dropped…we have gotten busy!  I have been in constant purging mode for four years now, but now we are in Get Rid of Everything that is Not a Necessity mode.  Going from 1800 sq ft to 900 sq ft, I know it’s going to be tight, and while the kids can’t visualize it, I am trying to make them aware of the reality of how having less “stuff” will make apartment living that much better for us.  So with that being said, here’s what I/we have done:

  1. I took inventory of every room in our home including furniture, stand alone technology, storage tubs, etc. including the garage and outdoor space.
  2. I sat down with each child and we worked through their room list asking them what was imperative that they have at the end of this move (meaning when we get into a new permanent home, not just the apartment.)  I thought it was important that I get their feedback so they would feel fully involved in this move.
  3. I then went through everything else and marked it’s importance in three categories…A = Needed in Apartment, B = Needed in Permanent Home and P = Take a Picture of it and sell it!
  4. Based on that list, we moving furniture/items marked P to the garage, cleaning them out and off and taking pictures of them.
  5. And now they are all listed for sale and some going like hot cakes, and some are not.

In addition, I got a small storage unit and moved all our bikes and some of the items we must keep but don’t need for this month.  Let me explain that as I know you’d say, if you don’t need them this month why keep them… 1) there are just a few pieces that are solely being kept for sentimental value and really are not usable.  While I am very proud of how brutal I have been in this purge, there are somethings I just can’t get rid of.  2) Some items are smaller and currently not used, but after I purge the larger items that are serving their purpose, they will be used in the apartment.  Make sense?  My end goal is to purge so much that I don’t need the storage unit, but that will require two things happening 1) my van will have to sell as they extra seats/custom bed must be stored when not in use and 2) I have to figure out where we can store our bikes at our apartment and that probably won’t happen until after the move.

Now as I was going over my progress with my dad he asked if some of this would need to be replaced when we move to a new permanent home.  Yes, it will.  We’ve sold our only dining room/kitchen table, we’re selling 3 of the kids bed frames (their choice,) etc.  However, two things 1) we simply cannot fit all our stuff into our apartment and 2) the cost to store our stuff vs replacing much of it through freecycle/garage sales and even some new balances out.

Last point on this….the money!  We are making a decent amount on many of the items especially since much of it is either handmade, refurbished or we got free.  I have decided to save 1/2 the money towards new furniture when that time comes and put 1/2 toward debt.  Knowing that we have at least a year before any replacements would be needed I am comfortable with pushing forward with debt pay off first before thinking about new furniture.

Side note: many readers noted that I would be ready for a garage sale soon…you are so right!  However, I must get approval of my HOA Board (full disclosure I’m on the board, but certainly cannot give myself approval.)  Tonight is the Board meeting where I will 1) request permission and hope that we will have a community yard sale and 2) have to resign from the Board on when I’ve served for over 3 years.  This move is affecting a lot more then just the place we live and it’s sad and hard, but I just know, and the kids are realizing as well, that there will be lots of new joys and adventures in our new place.