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My $8 Secret


I don’t buy chips. Heck, I don’t buy junk food in general.

Sure, it’s not good for you, but it’s also expensive. That $4 spent on chips could be spent on chicken or veggies.


I went grocery shopping hungry (MISTAKE) and as I was buying a box of wheat crackers, I heard a bag of Lays potato chips calling my name from across the aisle. I tried to stare them down, tell them how evil they were, but the bag said, ‘I’m extra salty and crunchy. Just the way you like it!’

I moved on. Shopped a few more aisles.

But that stupid bag of potato chips wouldn’t shut up.

Sooo… I bought them…with some creamy ranch dipping sauce.

Total cost of the chips and dip? $8. Geez!

I haven’t splurged and chips and dip for… um…

I can’t remember the last time.

So, I hid them behind the Costco sized bag of Quinoa in the pantry – because hubby hates Quinoa and won’t touch the bag. Sure, I’d like to say it was because I was embarrassed that I wasted $8 but let’s face it, it’s because I didn’t want to share.

It was a heavenly week. I’d sneak a few chips here and there while hubby was cleaning the garage or playing with the baby.

Sure, I felt guilty, but man oh man was it worth it.

Last night, hubby caught me. I expected him to chastise me for wasting grocery money or for hiding them. Instead, he dove into the bag with both hands and we polished off the whole thing.


I wasted 8 bucks.

But sometimes, that’s OK.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do 900 sit ups. My budget is a little more forgiving than my body.


  • Reply Deb |

    I’m glad you had a treat! Given how disciplined you normally are… I’m sure it was well earned & enjoyed appropriately. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Reply jocelyn |

    Ooh.. I have such a weakness for potato chips and Lay’s? My absolute favorite!! It’s good that you gave yourself a treat, next time it will be easier to walk away.

  • Reply OneFamily |

    Chips and snacks sure are costly. I can’t get my dh and kids off of them yet, but I try to buy them on sale or not spend more than $2.50 per bag and stock up when I can get a good price. I just hide them down in a cupboard they never look in, so they don’t eat them all in one week!

  • Reply Perky |

    I will make sure I eat before going grocery shopping after reading your article! I will be sure to check my coupons too, because I love chips and will find myself in the same situation – spending a lot on munchies!

  • Reply buchan |

    Snacks are so costly. We eat a lot in our home and it definitely contributes up.But generally middle category household don’t manage it.

  • Reply Poor to Rich a Day at a Time |

    Okay I must say, I dont like having a test question to post, it would be embarrassing to fail it if I ummmmm have not had my coffee quota for the morning!

    Now that I got that out of the way! We don’t buy chips or junk food a whole lot either but it is incredible how much they are appreciated on the rare occasions we do!

    But last night I found a recipe for making corn chips that does not require a tortilla press so I plan on trying my hand at them soon as they will be WAYYYYYYYYYYYY cheaper than store bought chips!

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