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Saving Money on Organic?


If your grocery store is anything like mine, the section labeled ‘Organic’ seems to grow every week. We have organic fruits and veggies, organic frozen foods, organic rice, organic beef, and on and on. I’ve read articles telling me which food items to buy organic and which ones are a waste but I still have no idea what ‘organic’ really means! While waiting for my organic Amy’s microwave meal to heat (purchased on clearance from Target), I read an article about understanding product labeling posted in our lunchroom.

The article helped me feel more informed about what labels mean AND helped me to decide which labels meant more to me… and which ones I don’t care about. ‘Organic’ foods are EXPENSIVE. You should decide if it’s something you want to invest your grocery dollars in.

Check out the article HERE


  • Reply Jen |

    I have no real method for deciding whether to buy organic or not. I just kind of do whatever I feel like once I’m in the grocery store. When I do buy organic, I will look for the grocery store’s private organic brand first as a way to save money. I do, however, always buy organic milk and bananas. I live in New England so I buy organic milk from local dairy companies. I will also buy cheese from local dairy companies, such as Cabot, which is based in Vermont.

    My boyfriend insists on buying organic bananas. According to him regular bananas contribute to a lot of waste, or something like that.

    However, because I know it takes a lot of money and effort to get labelled organic, I’ll usually shoot for “good enough.” For example, the company that produces Chobani yogurt seems to have pretty high standards, and they’re based in NY, so while they aren’t organic I feel pretty good buying their yogurt.

    For produce I try to get locally grown when possible. I don’t see much point in buying organic strawberries shipped from CA when I can buy some non-organic that were farmed right here in MA. Why use all the gas in shipping? Unless, of course, it’s February…..

  • Reply Lizzie |

    Most organic packaged food is just fancy conventional food and no better. With produce, I somewhat stick to the “dirty dozen” (though some things are just too expensive for a family of six) and prefer local (usually cheaper) over organic. Everything else we make from scratch (bread, cookies, cereal, etc). Yes, packaged is more convenient, but I like knowing exactly what I’m feeding my family.

    My own little quality control :-)!

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