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My Husband is Watching…


Well there went all the fun stories.

My husband called today to inform me that his is now a ‘follower’ of my blog.

His schedule at work prevented him from reading my blog and he is never on the internet at home so I have always had free rein to talk about him – respectfully of course.

Ever since I wrote the baby name blog, he suddenly has an interest in what you all have to say – especially in ‘all those awesome folks who agreed that Cash is a good name’.

Crud. Now I have to filter myself.

It is a sad, sad day in history.

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  • Reply Miranda |

    You have an entire blog for baby names? Will you share? 🙂
    Or do you mean that post you wrote in this blog?

  • Reply Rochelle |

    My husband knows I blog, but I never told him the site name and I delete my history once I am done so I don’t know if he’s ever read it. I don’t know why, maybe cause I don’t want to censor myself even though I rarely say anything I wouldn’t want him to read. I think I just want to keep this one thing for myself!

  • Reply mom |

    Hello Christopher, it doesn’t surprise me one little bit that you are now taking note of Bek’s blog. I know that you appreciate people backing you up and I’m quite sure that you especially enjoyed the fact that so many anonymous people approved of your name choice. Your head must have swelled. You know I love you son, but really…. Cash? Can I call him something else when he’s in my care? JK You know that I will always honor yours and Bek’s decision… I think. 😉 Love you, mom

  • Reply Denise |

    With your husband, mom, sister, grandma, and who knows who else reading your blog, it seems you now have no privacy in cyberland! Let’s just hope none of your coworkers ever find your blog, too! Good luck filtering! 🙂

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