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For my fellow Bloggers…


OK, OK, so I do my best to not encourage spending BUT… this is for the bloggers out there.

If you are like me and blog on a regular basis, it’s a bit frustrating not to have a hard copy of your writing. I’ve tried printing pages, or keeping a duplicate copy in Microsoft Word, but nothing looks quite right.

One of my friends recently purchased a blog book from Blog2Print.com. Blog2Print publishes your blog to a soft or hardcover book. 20 page softcover books are only $14.95.

I was so impressed with (and jealous of) her book, I contacted the crew at Blog2Print.com. They were extremely kind, helpful, and most importantly… agreed to give away a 20 page hardcover (or softcover) book to one of my readers.

If you are interested, and you should be, leave a comment on this post. Make sure you include your e-mail address in the ‘Mail’ section so I can contact you back if you are the lucky winner. I will be taking all the entries, throwing them into a hat, and picking one on Tuesday night, June 22nd. Feel free to leave a comment to enter the drawing up until then (please, only one entry per person).

Good Luck!


  • Reply Diana |

    I would love this!! I’ve been blogging about my family for a couple of years now and have seen similar products to this. Great idea!

  • Reply Sunni |

    ooh! what a neat idea! i’ve never heard of this before and would love to take advantage of it!

  • Reply Karen |

    I am so excited by this news. Like you, I have tried to keep track of what I publish and when I print it looks less than attractive.

    I am trying to get out of debt but there has to be a few little perks along this road, right?

    Thanks for the information and for such an inspiring blog.


  • Reply Caroline Vanderlip |

    Blog2Print also has an Auto Save feature in which they’ll send you a PDF of your blog on a monthly or quarterly basis for under $25/year.

  • Reply Sara |

    i have tried to keep a back up of my blog many times, and it never works! i would love this! 🙂

  • Reply Emily |

    I had the idea to do this a while back, so I’m glad someone finally put it into motion. Here’s hoping I win!

  • Reply M Denise C |

    I saw this recently on blogger news or whatever and had it in the back of my mind to make a book once every year or two. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  • Reply Tony |

    Thanks for sharing. My wife has been bugging me for months that we need to do something to back up our blog. I would love to win! Thanks for doing a giveaway.

  • Reply Dawn |

    I’m sure mine would be more than 20 pages but it would be nice to give it a try and give to someone who doesn’t have ‘net access

  • Reply Michael |

    This sounds like something I would actually read, and then reference many times in the future.

  • Reply Deeanna |

    OMG, I was just thinking about the potential catastophe of losing my blog. I blogged about my daughter’s premature birth, stay in the NICU and really the first year of her life.

    Regardless, if I’m chosen I will be doing this. Thank you for providing the great information!!!

  • Reply Eric |

    That’s a tremendous idea for sure! I had not heard of this at all before. Personally, I am guilty of printing some of my work and displaying it framed in my office 🙂

  • Reply Cindy Carver |

    I haven’t heard of this type of service before. I think it is fantastic. I have several blogs on different subjects and this is something I will look into as a means of keeping up with the print version of my blogs. Until now, I have a 3 ring binder that my printed Office documents are kept in according to categories for each topic.

    Thanks for sharing this idea.

  • Reply Caitlin |

    This would be lovely! I have a friend blogging her away across Australia/New Zealand/Japan, and a hard copy of her blog would make a lovely souvenir for her if I win! ^_^

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