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Financial Injury Report… Part I…


Less than a week ago, I injured the tendon on the underside of my foot. I wish I could say it was from doing something cool like… snowboarding or… saving the world… but leave it to me to injure myself while doing something boring like running.

It was run, run, run… face to concrete.

Apparently, it’s a fairly common injury – albeit a very painful one.

The bad part is, if I don’t get this thing under control, the doc will saddle me with a big, ugly, expensive medical boot.

Hmm… perhaps wearing 5” heels to work 10 hours later wasn’t a bright idea.

As someone who still periodically thinks I know better than others far more educated than myself, I didn’t think it would do too much damage… plus, other than two pairs of running shoes and two pairs of the mandatory California flip-flops (neither of which are HR approved for work use), I don’t own a pair of flats.

By 9 am, tears were streaming down my face.

So, I was forced to purchase… *gasp*… flats.

Maybe it was from the pain, maybe it was from the financial frustration, maybe it was from the stress of my 30th birthday, but I found myself with a face covered with tears blubbering to the poor shoe salesman about having to buy ‘grandma shoes’ and “it’s not in the budget – but neither is an ugly medical boot or more doctor’s bills.”

It wasn’t my strongest moment.


Goodbye to my favorite pair of high heels, hello to ‘grandma shoes’ for however long it takes to avoid medical boots, doctors, and surgery.

the new flats


  • Reply Hope |

    Just for the record, I think your ‘grandma shoes’ are ADORABLE! And medical boots are definitely worth every effort to avoid. Good luck!

  • Reply Natasha |

    I like the flats in the picture you posted. I prefer them rather than the heel. I am not a grandma either lol

    Hope you foot heals quickly for you.

  • Reply MJ |

    I also like the flats better. They look like Naots, which are incredibly comfortable. My feet hurt just looking at those heels. Hope you are up and “running” again soon.

  • Reply Susan |

    I like the flats too (and not a grandma). 🙂 You only get 2 feet – you need to take care of them. Especially if you enjoy running – you don’t want to end up with recurring problems. Flats are cool. 🙂

  • Reply Michelle |

    Yeah, I’m with the rest of those guys – I love the flats. 🙂 Then again, I couldn’t walk in heels to save my life! But I hope you heal quickly!

  • Reply sandra |

    Okay, I AM a grandma – and I have shoes like that (the flats). My feet love them. Being a grandma isn’t so bad either 🙂 Might want to request a boot on freecycle. My daughter’s doctor said it was fine to wear her old boot when she broke her foot again. Gotta be lots of boots around!

    Good Luck – heal quick! Don’t break any fingers – we need our blogging fix!

    Grandma Sandy

  • Reply Ann |

    I have a boot (coincidentally from a running injury last year) that you can HAVE if you pay me to ship it to you (from MN). E-mail me if you are interested.

  • Reply Janelle |

    Okay if you have plantar fasciitus (spelling!) then take care of it! My husband has had it for over 3 years now and it has cost us thousands of dollars to deal with! His was a severe case but even so, it still bugs him. We’ve done special shoes, inserts, boots, meds, braces, even surgery and he just has to live with the pain basically. So don’t mess with this! He was misdiagnosed the first year which contributed to it getting worse, so handle it properly now or you will pay physically and financially later!!

  • Reply Jan |

    Oh my….the heels ARE adorable! I’m another who doesn’t own flats. Running shoes, heeled boots, heeled sandals. But then I’m under 5 feet tall.

    If you’re wearing those because you’re short, keep in mind that short women who wear really tall heels don’t look taller, they look like short women balancing on tall heels. I wear the heels but keep them at a reasonable height.

    Hope you have a swift recovery!

  • Reply Cheapskate Sandy |

    I recognize this story because I could have written it myself. I store my Achilles as well and REFUSED to be in a cast because I work in New York and I needed my career girl shoes. Long story short? I ended up being in the big black nasty boot for 2, yes, 2 months and then being confined to SNEAKERS for 1 year. Needless to say now that I can wear shoes again, they are flats and my heels I wear into and out of meetings. My feet will never be the same. Do the flats now, or you’ll really cry later.

  • Reply Darc |

    I just got diagnosed w/plantar faciitis. For me the crisis is that I have to wear shoes all the time. No bare feet, even to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. And apparently they have to have “good arch support.” So I spent one night depressed on the couch, then the next day I rallied a girlfriend who helped me find a store that carries Birkenstocks (can you say UG-LY) and we went and bought me a pair. Then we went for cocktails.

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