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Good News for the Weekend…


I’ve been involved in a lawsuit for nearly two years. I was being sued for something I had absolutely no involvement in. It’s been a difficult time for us since the lawsuit has been a financial and emotional drain. I don’t talk about it much here since it’s an open suit and I’ve been asked to keep the status confidential, but it’s been a heavy burden on my everyday life.

Since the lawsuit is still within the statute of limitations, I cannot say exactly what happened but I can say this…

It’s over – for now.

I received a call this afternoon from my attorney. The lawsuit against us has been dropped. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations won’t expire until March but for now, I’m very pleased.

Now if I can just survive the next 12 weeks!


  • Reply Tonya |

    Glad you are getting some peace/relief….hopefully it will all be behind you soon!

  • Reply mom |

    As you well know, your dad and I understand your situation completely! Having someone decide to sue you is very stressful and so surreal…. all at the same time. I’ve often wondered how these people sleep at night knowing that their lawsuits are built on nothing but fabrications so that others can support their way of life. It’s beyond belief to me. The other similarities in your case as well as in ours, is that those involved know the system well. This is how they make their living. For those of you out there who think that this cannot happen to you….. beware. None of us thought that we would ever be involved in any type of lawsuit…. EVER! It also cost us a slight fortune… to the tune of $100,000… and we won. It didn’t matter. To me however, the monetary cost was nothing compared to the emotional cost plus the time that was lost. There are very real people out in this world of ours that make an incredible amount of money using the system to their advantage and suing any prey that they can find. Whether you win the lawsuit or not…. in the end, they still win.
    I’m so sorry honey. I’m always on your side, mom

  • Reply Jimmy Kibler |

    I always advise people to have a personal libality rider on your homeowners insurance in the amount of one million dollars. Years ago it helped me big time.

  • Reply emmi |

    wow. I so don’t envy you this situation.

    Most insurance companies sell liability insurance for those that fear becoming a target. With $1million in coverage, you can expect that when the first notice arrives, the insurance companies lawyers will be all over it, since they have to pay out if they lose.

    We have our coverage along with our house insurance, but I also know geico keeps trying to upsell us on it too, so I think most offer it.

    Fingers crossed for March. Can’t come soon enough.

  • Reply peykay |

    I know your pain! My husband and I were also involved in a lawsuit. $8000 later (on credit cards) it is over, and we have no vindication. We will FINALLY have it paid off this year. Good luck!

  • Reply Tom |

    Can you counter sue for attorney fees? I think that is one way to teach people who bring frivolous lawsuits a big lesson!

  • Reply Caitlin |

    Yikes, that’s got to be a huge drain on you. I’m glad it’s (almost) behind you now!

  • Reply Beks |

    Thanks! Being sued is a horrible horrible feeling. It’s a drain!

    Tom – We did consider counter-suing him for attorney fees but he lives off the government and income from suing others. I wouldn’t anticipate ever being repaid for the expense of my attorney.

  • Reply Deb |

    I don’t know how it works in CA but in our state the time a lawsuit spends being an actual lawsuit is tolled and doesn’t count towards the SOL date. The reason for this is the SOL date is the time a person can bring a lawsuit against you, so of course once a lawsuit has been filed the SOL clock stops ticking. In my state if a lawsuit is withdrawn or dismissed without prejudice then the SOL picks up right where it left off, sigh. Just something you might want to double check before celebrating.

  • Reply Beks |

    Deb – How scary!! Our attorney told me the SOL expires two years after his 18th birthday (he was a minor when the incident happened). He’ll be 20 in March. I’m hoping my attorney is correct.

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