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Unemployment Update…


The unemployment checks have started to arrive with somewhat regularity. What we didn’t understand at the start was that the unemployment office in California requires an interview. You receive no checks until the interview has been completed. My husband’s interview with the unemployment office wasn’t until 6 weeks after he filed the claim. Claimants have no control over this date and cannot request a sooner time.

My best advice to the recently unemployed, be ready for a long ride. Prepare your finances immediately and don’t assume a check is coming anytime soon.

Our finances took a hit since we were carrying our mortgage and bills on my paycheck and savings alone but we’ve been able to level out a bit since the checks arrived. Whew!

Looks like I can finally buy some splurge items – and by splurge, I mean an occasional sale priced ground beef instead of a cart full of Ramen alone.


  • Reply Bucksome |

    I was amazed when my daughter-in-law told me how long it took. Then she accidentally checked the wrong box one week and her payments stopped until she had another interview.

    It’s a mess!

  • Reply Brandy |

    they make it ridiculous so you wil give up. i have a coworker laid off the same day i was and shes already gotten 4 checks and i havent heard anything yet. we dont have to have the interviews here. im going down there today to find out why its taken so long.

  • Reply Michelle H. |

    I’m glad you’re getting your checks regularly. Any sign of the job coming back?
    Merry Christmas!

  • Reply John DeFlumeri Jr |

    Beks, I know what you mean about economy grocery shopping, went broke three times over the years, bread and lettuce was dinner some nites, condiments were the same as meat almost. Things are going to get better on a national level soon!

    John Deflumeri Jr

  • Reply Dogfood Provider |

    Beans and rice are way yummier than ramen! 🙂

    Isn’t it funny that what feels like breathing room now — enough money to get some ground beef on sale — is nothing like what it was a year ago? Perspective, man, what a trip.

  • Reply Nicole |

    I agree that beans and rice are a cheap way to go. I hope he gets all of the checks soon!

  • Reply Sam |

    Have you looked into The Grocery Game to reduce your weekly bill? Its amazing. My husband and I spend less than $50 a week on groceries for the two of us and our pets. This includes ALL household items like cleaning supplies, pet food, toilet paper, etc.

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