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In case you’ve been living on Jupiter for the last 30 days, here’s a reminder – Halloween is tomorrow.

I typically don’t dress up for this holiday (something about being over the age of 12 – the official last year a person can dress up without feeling silly), but my brother is throwing a Halloween party and I’m fairly certain he would kick me out of my own home if I didn’t at least smudge on some black eyeliner.

I don’t have the desire to spring for a $75 polyester outfit with less fabric than a string bikini so I’m wearing something I already own…

*Cue Rocky theme song*

My kickboxing gear from college.

This will serve dual purposes:

1.) A free costume.

2.) A deterrent for potential toilet paperists who are angry over the lousy Chiclet gum selection since we can’t afford the good candy this year.

Have a good and safe holiday.


  • Reply Caitlin |

    I dunno… I’ve always felt if you can’t dress up and have fun, you’re taking yourself a little too seriously. ^_~
    I dress up every year at work, and usually I participate in the local Trick or Eat, which is dressing up and going door to door on Halloween collecting non-perishable food items (instead of candy) for the local food bank. It’s a really fun way to help the community.

  • Reply Claire in CA, USA |

    Homemade costumes are the best, anyway.

    Why not turn your porchlight off and not answer the door? That’s what we do, ‘cuz I just cannot justify spending any money to fuel the obesity rate of our youth. 🙂

  • Reply Gloria Howell |

    When my boys were litte I always made them costumes because that’s all we could afford, but they usually were much more interesting than store bought anyway. I don’t pass out candy now, though, because I just can’t afford it with the price of it these days. I do miss making the costumes for the boys!

  • Reply Beks |

    Claire – I would but I’m too afraid people will egg my house. I live near too many high schoolers! ; )

    Jessica – Eek!

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