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Little Rewards for Big Financial Steps…


In case you missed it…

We paid off our credit card last week.

We’re still working on my husband’s truck loan and the student loan but we promised ourselves little rewards for each payoff. It’s a good way to stay motivated when finishing a long stretch before starting yet another long stretch.

Surprisingly, my husband suggested a night out (surprising because I expected him to suggest something more along the lines of a macho flat screen TV or a beefy new grill). We purchased tickets to see Spamalot at the Civic Theater downtown. The tickets were $17 each (we sit in the nosebleed seats) and with dinner, we’ll likely spend a total of $100.

We get a one night break and it’s off to frugality again.


  • Reply PH |

    That’s great! Hope he enjoyed the humors of Monty Python. Great job on the big pay off! What’s next?

  • Reply claudia |

    hmmm. You paid off your credit card and to celebrate you have an expensive night out? I think you need to change the mindset that you got a “one night break” from frugality.

    There are other ways to celebrate that don’t involve spending muchos dineros. As with any “addiction,” it’ ain’t a good idea to celebrate your break from it by going back to it.

  • Reply Will |


    It’s great to know people are able to surmount these obstacles that were self-created in the first place.

    I’ve been making incremental progress over the last year.. with setbacks here and there.. but I can’t wait to see the day I plow through the remainder of my credit card debt.

  • Reply donkee |

    Great job!

    I think a bit of a treat after a big milestone is well deserved. It does keep you motivated bf you have to hunker down for the long haul again.

    Enjoy the play and dinner date!

  • Reply SP |

    That’s fantastic!! We are almost there too with the last credit card, and we can’t wait to celebrate! And then onto the boat loan 🙁
    You guys are doing great!!

  • Reply Nicole |

    Good idea! It is night to take a quick break from frugality:)

    I hope it motivates and encourages you:) Way to go on the credit card debts disappearance!

  • Reply Beks |

    Claudia – I don’t think a $100 dinner/night on the town is out of line for a years worth of frugal spending. Everyone needs a break, otherwise, you set yourself up for failure.

  • Reply John DeFlumeri Jr |

    Congratulations on your self control. Way to stick to your plans!

    John DeFlumeri Jr Clearwater, Fla

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