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It’s Official! We Are Credit Card Debt Free!


I initiated the big debt payoff click yesterday for an online payment to our credit card. I anxiously logged in this morning and saw the glorious $0.00 balance due. It didn’t hit me yesterday, but it has definitely hit me today after seeing that balance. I’ve been known to sometimes forget to hit the last confirm payment button, so I had to make sure before announcing on here.


After 38 months of pinching pennies, increasing our income and riding on the roller coaster of debt reduction – we have finally come to the end of the credit card ride. We are no longer a slave to them. We are free now…and it feels…wonderful.

I feel like I can stand up straight since our credit card debt isn’t pushing us down. A huge weight has been lifted. At the same time, there is a feeling of “What’s next?” We’ve been at this for over three years. You really do get used to a routine and now things will be shaken up. It will definitely be a period of adjustment. With change comes some fear but a lot of excitement!

You may be wondering what we did with regards to our savings. Due to a payment that is taking longer than expected to get to us, we ended up pulling $1,499 from our savings account to make our debt payoff a reality. We should have the money by the end of the month but I didn’t want to cut things too close – I wanted to be debt free by our goal date of May of 2009. As soon as that payment comes in we are going to put it straight towards our savings.

We first thought we would do something grand when we paid off our credit card debt, like splurge on a family vacation (we have yet to go on a vacation with the three of us). After thinking about it, we are going to hold off on that and simply have a pizza party to celebrate. We need to get more money in our savings before we do anything big. Perhaps next year will be the year for our vacation. We’ll see how things go.

I’d like to thank everyone for reading. You have helped to keep us accountable for our financial decisions and without your support I’m not sure if we would have kept going at reducing our debt like we did. You have been here for the rough and sometimes very sad times and helped to keep my head above water during those times. I’ve said it many times before, but words cannot begin to express my gratitude. If I was writing this on paper…you would see little tear drop outlines all over it. I was okay with writing this post up until I thought about all of you and then the waterfall started. Thank you all so very much. You have helped us to make it to this special day.

As things sink in a little bit more, I’ll share with everyone our plans for the future and also take a look back at our journey. While we won’t be using credit cards anytime soon, there are some advantages to credit card which can be found at creditcardsguidance.com.

I am excited to be starting the next (credit card debt free) chapter of our lives 🙂


  • Reply brainy |

    Nice! Way to go!

    But don’t stop yet — try to maintain the momentum while you’re instead building wealth!

  • Reply Old Lady |

    A BIG CONGRATULATIONS from another lurker. Your self-discipline and perseverance are inspiring.

  • Reply Bob's Occasional Musings |

    Congrats on this great accomplishment. In this day and age, its huge. Keep focused on your next goal. I’m glad to hear you are celebrating as I believe that we should always celebrate our victories.

  • Reply Kevin M |

    An awesome accomplishment! Congratulations. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.

  • Reply Financial Elite |

    I am so happy for you. I remember when I paid off my last bill after being $60,000 in credit card debt. It is really an awesome feeling isn’t it?

  • Reply Bell Brook |

    Congratulations!!! I have just started on my journey of paying off debt and hope to be successful at it. Hoping that keeping a public blog will keep me motivated and maybe I will get tips from readers of the blog.

  • Reply LaTonya Bynum |

    For your student loan debt you might want to ask your current lender if you qualify for the student loan forgiveness program. Just google it.

  • Reply Jerry |

    Congrats. The biggest think I have to overcome is thinking I’m missing something by staying home and not spending Money. I’m proud that I’m at least lowering my obligations every month. However it is only about $100 a month. I would like to gradualy increase that. This past year, I did manage to get my obligation from $9,400 to $8,000, but then the hot Water heater imploded, and I’m back to $9,400.00. I’m determined to pay this off or at least get it to a few grand 2-3 and pay it off with tax return or large commission check. The caution I have is I have a Washing Machine and a Dish Washer that is about ready to be replaced, one is 10 years old, the other is 20 years old. My bed is 15 years old, and lasts only 5 years, and frankly it’s ready to be thrown out. I’m defering these costs as long as I can, but lets face it they will all need to be replaced sooner rather then later. So any extra money may have to be deferred to these long overdue product replacements.

  • Reply Vincent Mura |

    Great job. I also just recently completed a debt relief program and I must say I am happy I did. I am now debt free. No more credit card payments to make. It took me 36 months to do so but it was well worth it.

  • Reply Tropix |

    I’ve begun my challenge to decrease debt that I acquired over my slowing employment, and the accountable part realized I was spending money that I didn’t have. While my debt isn’t as high as others, for my new minimum wage job it is, and I will really have to stick to paying it down – which is already where any money I have goes into, No more savings, no more CDs, no more emergency fund. It’s all gone due to bills prior to debt, which used to get paid in full to a $0.00 balance. Your story and others gives me hope. I can’t wait for that day.

  • Reply alfie |

    I started my journey to becoming debt free about 3 months ago. I’ve been using the debt snowball method and so far the plan is working. I’ve paid off family members, local contractor accounts and am a month away from paying off a department store credit card. I have managed to spend only cash for Christmas and have an emergency account of 1000.00 set up.It is taking time and a whole change of attitude but I am seeing the results of my efforts. I still have a long way to go but will stick to the program!

  • Reply Johnb901 |

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