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Do You Have Any Questions for Me?


As a blogger, I tried to remember to give enough details so that our journey made sense. A few times on here I have given updates to things we were trying or were going to try. I’m sure there are things that I have forgotten to give updates about. In any case, if there is something that you would like to ask me, I am opening up the floor in this post.

You can also ask other questions that are maybe not related to debt. The first place I visit when I go to a new blog is the about page. I love learning more about the blogger themselves.

I can’t guarantee that I can answer every question. Some may be too personal to answer and I’m not sure how many questions I’ll get. I’ll keep this open until end of day Monday and we’ll see what happens.

Do you have any questions for me? 🙂


  • Pat |

    Hi, Tricia
    I wondered what you felt were the 3 most important things you did to have more money to put toward your debt? I also wonder what you feel is the best route to take to make more money in order to pay off debt faster?
    P.S. I’m a stay-at-home mom and have already cut back on groceries, no cable, cars are older and have been paid off for a while. We eat at home and the kids/husband brown bag lunches.

  • L |

    I was wondering how old your son was? You talk about him a lot and he sounds adorable.

    And….WHOO HOOO on paying off the credit cards!!!!!

  • Marie |

    I’m wondering if your student loans bother you and if you could tell us what % they’re at for some context. Are you going to accelerate your payment on these or are you content to pay as agreed.

    We have no consumer debt no car loans even, just a mortgage and student loans. Our student loans don’t bother DH but they drive me crazy – all are below 2% interest though.

  • Maria |

    Hi Tricia,
    I have a question for you- I’ve noticed that there are certain times in the month when you are able to pull out extra money for debt reduction and or savings but how do you determine when that time is? Is it more towards the end of the month when all of the monthly expenses are paid or at the beginning? What is your cash flow like? Do you keep a few dollars in your checking account? How does that work?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Emily |

    I just noticed that the debt has been paid off completely! That is awesome!!!!
    All the best in your future endeavors … I have enjoyed your blog so much and you have been such an inspiration.

  • Debt-Free Dan |

    Now that you are credit card debt-free, what remaining debts do you have and what do you plan to do about them?

    What are your future plans for credit/credit cards? Are you going to swear off of them or keep them around “just in case”?

  • Michelle |

    I have only been reading for the last 6 months or so. So what I would really like to know is all of the strategies you used to eliminate your debt – and to be as specific as possible. A kind of “how I did it” post.

    Love your blog. It’s already been a big help.

  • Jaime |

    I remember at one point you were going to give more details about your side business. I’ve always wondered what you are doing and how it is going. I love it when you say things seem to be going well with it, and I just want so much more information about it!

    If you care to share that is!

  • Sharon |

    Hi Tricia, I’m curious if you’ll continue to become totally debt-free at the same intensity as you did with becoming credit card debt-free.

    Also, what do you do for your regular paying job?

    And last, once you’re totally debt free, do you want to stay and live in the same area where you are now? I think you’ve commented before that you’d like to be closer to family but couldn’t afford to right now. I love when you talk about buying your future “cabin”. Congrats on all you’ve accomplished!!!

  • Another Reader |

    It might be helpful to share a few details of the business – how you selected the idea/product, how long it took you to set it up, what it cost to set up, how much revenue it has generated and when, and how much you net from it now. If you see the business as replacing one or both of you job incomes in the future, how much revenue and net profit you expect from the business and how long until you make the change?

    You seemed to accelerate the debt repayment when your husband went to work full time. Would you share some of the income info and how you used tha additional income?

    Finally, you still have student loans and a mortgage. I think your mortgage is around $35,000, but I can’t recall if you ever said how much the two of you have in student loans. What is your debt repayment plan for the remaining debt and how much do you have left to pay? How do you anticipate paying for your son’s education – will you advise him to take on student loans?

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog and watching your ideas and attitudes evolve over the last several years. The quotes from your son demonstate how much you have changed. I hope you will continue to update your readers on your progress in paying off the remaining debt and increasing your income.