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When Life Puts Things Back in Perspective


During our debt reduction journey, there were times where I became so focused on reducing our debt it started to consume me. When I wasn’t working, I was on the computer trying to make more money or trying to find ways to save more money. Then there were the times that I went around the house room to room looking for stuff to sell. My husband knows something is up when that happens. Maybe we had a little set-back or maybe I was just getting sick of the debt.

It’s hard because you can’t let money take over your life. There should be a balance. I haven’t always been the best at finding that balance. Sometimes life has a way of making you say, “Whoa, wait a minute.” Then things get put back into perspective, at least for a while.

I had a moment like that not too long ago after a friend lost a family member. At the funeral, there were no words said about money. The only words said were about a great person that is no longer with us. The memories weren’t about getting money or spending money. They were about the time spent with that person.

That said, I am taking a complete day off tomorrow. There will be no working on the computer at all. No business work and unfortunately, no blogging on here. I am going to spend the day spending some quality time with my family. I need a mini-break from, well…thinking about money 🙂


  • Reply Margot |

    I believe in balance over the long-term, not the short-term. When I made a mess of my finances, it was worth it to have no balance for a shorter period of time to clean up a mess I’d made over a longer period of time. I didn’t expect the mess to go away without sacrifice and work, and it’s been better for me and my family to have less balance in the short-term to clean up the mess faster. Similarly, I wouldn’t have achieved much in life if I was always seeking “balance.” There are times when I put 90% of myself into work because that’s what’s required for starting a business or taking a project to the next level. There are times I’ve put 90% of myself into my marriage because we decided to travel (debt free) for a few months to focus on each other and travel.

  • Reply Investors times |

    I am having the same problem but the opposite way. I am always thinking about how to avoid debt. It has almost become an obsession. Good luck with that debt tricia. I hope that one day people will return to how they were in the past and have debt only when it is needed.

  • Reply Mr Plasectomy |

    I have to agree that there needs to be a balance. If you have small children and you spend all your time working you will miss out on some major milestones; first steps, first words, first day of school, etc.

    What if you’re married? Not spending that time you may find that your relationship begins to suffer. Marriage is work too and needs investment to continue for the long haul.

    It’s good to take a day off and focus on the other important things in life. Enjoy it.

  • Reply Susanne |

    I can relate to this. I am so focused on getting rid of credit card debt – especially now that we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel – that it’s become a bit of an obsession. We’ve also taken on more work to speed up the process. At least we’re motivated…

  • Reply Kristy @ Master Your Card |

    I’ve written about this recently over at MYC. I just don’t think debt should control someone’s life nor do I think the rest of the pieces that make up your world should take a back seat to debt. I agree that getting out of debt is important, but so are family and friends and just living life in general. I realized that while I was working to get out of debt, I wasn’t really living. Even after I got out of debt I wasn’t really living. I’m sort of overcompensating for that fact now and need to reign myself in, but regardless, life is too short to always be worried about money. You deserve a day off! Enjoy!

  • Reply paisley penguin |

    I too can get a little obsessed with debt. I have revamped our payoof program so many times my husband, patient that he is, is sick of hearing about it. I just can’t escape the fact that we have a long road ahead. Not only do we have debt to pay down but a savings account to increase and a condo that needs some projects finished.

    I have come up with a new and I hop final way to tackle this while still having a life and some fun.

  • Reply fathersez |

    Good for you. Take a break. I am also going through something similar. A dear friend has just been diagnosed with stomach cancer. A friend who was on top of the world and so looking forward to life just a month ago.

    Talking to him as he ponders the days ahead makes all my problems and inadequacies seem so tiny.

    THis experienced had strengthened my immense gratitude for what I already have.

  • Reply Roger Mayne |

    Thanks for sharing that information. With the economy in such bad shape at the moment, more people are finding themselves in debt – maybe losing their homes, or their jobs. Information like yours will definitely help many people.

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