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On Oprah Today – Celebrity Chefs


It looks like Oprah may be pretty interesting today to those of us who are looking to stretch our grocery dollars. There isn’t much on Oprah’s site yet about the show (probably will be more later), but they are claiming that celebrity chefs will show us how to save some money.

Here’s a link to the show page on Oprah.com.

I probably won’t get a chance to watch it, so I am hoping they offer the 50 easy recipes they mention for download. I could use some easy recipes!

Thanks Beverly for the tip!


  • Reply Mr Plasectomy |

    I sure hope they are edible meals and not simply beans and rice. I wonder what there budget will be for these meals and if they use a lot of spices that they are included in the cost of the meal.

    We used to watch Food Network a lot when we had cable, I miss that channel…

  • Reply C.C. |

    Oooh I saw the description for this episode last week and I had no idea it was a money-saving episode. I need to learn how to cook cheap meals! I hope the meals sound good.

  • Reply Dharmachic |

    I love finding and sharing easy recipes that are really quick to prepare but taste like you spent a lot longer in the kitchen. This blog post just gave me the idea to post a chicken recipe I just prepared last night. This is one of my favorites that I always go back to when I’m feeling lazy. Check it out: http://dharmachic.wordpress.com/2009/03/12/super-easy-delicious-recipe-chicken-breast-and-sauteed-king-oyster-mushrooms/

    Awesome blog, by the way. Thanks for sharing your stories, they are an inspiration!

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