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It’s That Time Again…Catching Up on Emails


I was so embarrassingly behind on emails, so today I sat down and went through almost all of them. That means that I have some interesting stories to share.

Jen sent me an article at Boston.com about a woman who survived debt. She just happens to be a nationally known authority on networking. I never get tired of stories about people who dug themselves out of debt!

Beverly sent me an article at Reader’s Digest. It’s a question and answer with Jean Chatzsky. I like the way she tells people to face their finances even though they are ugly. I really believe that getting a handle on your finances is one of the key steps to getting out of debt.

I also have an interesting blog post to share from another blogger. $165K in debt got a text message (that cost money to read) from a local politician and decided to ask that politician for reimbursement. It wasn’t that much money, but it was the principle behind receiving spam text messages. The politician did reply.

Lastly, I have to say thanks to a few people. First up is Danielle. She gave me three cheers when we reached the credit card debt is less than savings level. I’d also like to thank Lucy Lou from MoneySavingGuide.com for including me in her list of 10 Female Bloggers Who Paid Off Big Debt.


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    Liked the link to Chatzsky. Thanks. The idea that positive outlook makes you more likely to save and plan for the future is almost too obvious. Once someone points it out, it’s a powerful notion.

    I’m going to try that this week. Not so much on the money front but in terms of getting some personal projects moving along. If I think they will be successful, I’ll be more likely to put the needed energy into them.

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