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Hyundai and Netflix Up – Girl Scout Cookies Down


It seems like you can’t flip through the channels anymore without catching something about the recession. I caught part of a story on ABC about consumer spending. It turns out that Hyundai Assurance program I blogged about last month is turning out to be a very good move for Hyundai. Their January sales were up 14%.

Netflix is also showing some hefty profit increases. We’ve been tempted to go to Netflix but our local video store still has 99 cent rentals and we would end up spending more with Netflix on a monthly basis (we have been also using hulu.com).

On the downside, the Girl Scouts are feeling the pinch of consumers tightening their financial belts. That might end up being the case for school fundraisers as well. I know we haven’t purchased anything like that in some time and I turned down one young man selling pizza kits not too long ago. I used to sell things like crazy when I was a kid so I know how it feels when you do not make a sale. It’s not easy saying, “No thank you.”

You can read the entire article here.


  • Reply Mrs. Modern Tightwad |

    My cousin was selling Girl Scout cookies and as much as we are trying to cut costs, those darn Thin Mints get me every time. I do really appreciate her commitment as she wants to stick with it until she can be a leader; most kids’ attention span isn’t that long. So as long as she wants to stick to her commitment I want to support her…and my thin mint addiction.

  • Reply JK Egly |

    I’ve found that between Netflix’s watch it now and the no late fees or gas that the two at a time is pretty sweet.

  • Reply emmi |

    When the local school kids come around with the holiday catalog one I always get gift wrap. A good deal and I always end up needing it. They don’t always mention it, so I ask.

  • Reply marg |

    Netflix is 9 dollars a month for one movie out at a time – this includes unlimited viewing of movies online as well as the one at a time through the mail.

  • Reply Breckrider |

    I don’t want my children going door to door and I know that my co-workers are worn thin by parents bringing catalogs to work. My suggestion is for the PTA’s to form 501C-3’s so that they can take donations and get donors can get the tax break. The schools don’t make THAT much on the sales anyway.

    A child shouldn’t be worried about selling more than his/her classmate. The child should be all about learning and the school should be all about teaching not fund raising. Isn’t that what my taxes are for?

  • Reply Mr Plasectomy |

    Girl scout cookies are so expensive and so delectable that it toys with our emotions. How can you pass up a frozen thin mint or a peanut butter patty.

    I’m hungry…

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