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Making a List…Checking It Twice…


Making a list…checking it twice…and sticking to it!

I think the last part above is the hardest part of Christmas shopping. I was so very tempted this weekend to purchase something that would have blown our Christmas budget out of the water. Would it have been nice to have? Yeah, probably. Do we need it? Nope. So I walked away and didn’t go back.

It’s tough to do that. My guess is that the item is now gone or will be gone shortly since it is a hard to find item. I’m okay with it, though. We didn’t need it no matter how exhilarated I felt because I found a hard to find item.

It’s funny because those “finds” sure get my blood pumping. My mom and I can talk for a long time on the phone and we end up chatting even longer when we discuss the deals we have come across. We are alike that way. But, we both can walk away when we need to (although it took me a while to get to that point). I think just the little bit of an adrenaline rush is now good enough for me 🙂


  • Reply dana |

    It took all I had not to go shopping this past weekend. The only person I am buying for this year is our son and I ordered his on-line at a great price and got a rebate from Ebates.
    Walking away is hard…I am very proud of you for doing that. Keep up the good work!

  • Reply Tabitha |

    Hey Tricia! So proud of you for walking away. When I go shopping, I sometimes ask myself,”what would Tricia do?” 🙂 I am also making homemade gifts for Christmas this year. So excited! Have a great day everyone!

  • Reply Emmi |

    So, I’m one of those people who dies of curiosity easily. What the heck was this thing you said no to? (Well, in reality, you said no to yourself, which is far more impressive.)

  • Reply Tricia |

    Emmi – you are like me LOL.

    It was a video game: Guitar Hero World Tour – Band Kit.

  • Reply margot |

    Good for you! Congratulations! Doing what you did is a sign of personal and financial maturity. Savor the feeling of self-control and of knowing that you made a mature, long-term decision for your family’s financial health. It gets easier over time to keep walking away. I sometimes prefer to just avoid stores, because it’s amazing how easy it can be to start wanting things that we don’t really need!

  • Reply PennySeeds.com |

    Haha – I had a hard time walking away from that too, but I wanted it for me. I love guitar hero, and I had a hard time walking by some killer sales for items I wanted at the mall.

    Seems everyone is having awesome sales to bring in buyers – Practically all of Macys is 40 – 60 % off.

  • Reply Sean |


    Its hard to walk away from some of those deals. I try to save as much as I can on holiday gifts. I may have to give in eventually and get a Wii since they are so much fun!

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