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Christmas Shopping Update


I received some money for a gift for Christmas and decided to spend it on snow pants for myself and my husband. I ended up finding a great deal at Dick’s Sporting Goods and even found a coupon by searching the internet. They ended up being $42 bucks for both pairs. Not a bad deal, and they didn’t bust the budget after all.

My son, though. He is such a sweetheart. He was given an allowance of $10 to get a gift for mom and dad (which were gift cards from a while ago I had been saving). When it was his turn to go into the store with dad, he told me he knew exactly what he was getting. I found out from my husband that what he really wanted to get me was a pair of snow pants, but couldn’t. One, the store didn’t have any. Two, he didn’t have enough money. But the thought means a lot to me.

I’m not sure what he ended up buying. It’s wrapped an under the tree. I know what he got his dad, and I have to say that my son has picked up my tendency to purchase practical gifts. I can’t say any more or I’ll ruin my husband’s surprise 🙂

I did end up getting a gift card for my son’s teacher. While I liked the animal “adoption” idea, I was concerned that it wouldn’t make it to us in time. I may still do it as our end of year donation to a charity. I’m still trying to decide who we should support this year. Hopefully sometime soon we will be in a better position financially where we can start giving more and helping more organizations.

We still have a few more people to buy for. So far, we aren’t as far over our budget as I thought we might be. Alas, there are still 10 days before Christmas so I’m going to wait until then before doing the final tally.

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