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Credit Card Debt Update – $7,799


Wow. These credit card debt updates seem to be few and far between lately. I really like throwing big chunks of money towards our debt, but that is getting tougher to do. So, we are going to throw money when we can. It doesn’t matter if it’s $25 or $200. We need to pick away at this debt faster than we have been.

Our car decided to have issues again to the tune of a $300 repair. That was a bit unexpected so it was a bummer to start off November. But, I turned around and sold a few more things to make close to $200. Following the new method, that money was then put towards our debt and I added a little bit more to it to make it an even $200. It’s sad to see it go so quickly, but it’s for a very good cause.

That brings out debt to $7,799. I’m getting the taste of being under $7K in my mouth so I think I will be pressing hard in the next few weeks to sell a few more bigger ticket items that we haven’t sold yet.


  • Reply indebt |

    I’m taking on my credit card right now. I just put it in a bag of water and then put the card in the freezer. I hope to keep it there till it’s paid off, then lower the amount I can spend as it’s very high and I pay over $100 in interest a month just on that one card — UGH!

  • Reply Movingonup! |

    It’s so hard when debt repayment slows down. I’ve been doing it for over a year and have another year of debt repayment to go! You’re doing great!

  • Reply FeelYourPain |

    Good work! Been following your blog and your making progress! I’m in the same boat…1 credit card, 1 personal loan, 1 car loan, and 2 student loans which brings me to about ~42k in the whole 🙁 But I just got a pay raise from work so I will be putting that much more towards my debt! Sucks being in the whole that far at 24…

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