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Our Living Room Furniture


We moved everything out of our living room so I could clean the carpet. Before we put everything back in, my husband and I discussed the layout of the living room. We had the perfect opportunity to change things around a bit.

We could put one couch there, the other one there, the wood chest there and the TV stand there. It finally hit me. After all of our garage sales and selling individual things – we only had four pieces of furniture left in our living room! Oh my…did we ever downsize!

Even more amusing was how we organized the room. We put the two couches together like a sectional which made the room smaller (by partitioning it off and creating a little walkway). We both love it – it feels cozier. I thought our son would protest since he doesn’t have as much floor real estate to play on, but he was pretty happy with it. He likes playing with his matchbox cars on the top of the couch that isn’t up against a wall.

At some point, we would like to retire our couches and find a decent sectional. The free couch we picked up a year or so ago broke and cannot be repaired without professional help. You sit in the middle and it goes “clunk” and your butt sags LOL. Our other couch was purchased at a garage sale for $50 six years ago. It was white and in okay shape. White couch + young child + pets = gray ugly couch that is fraying badly. Slip covers don’t work well (it’s a little smaller than a couch but bigger than a loveseat) so I rigged up some solid color sheets as a work-around to make it more presentable.

The price for a new couch or sectional is scary. We found a cute sectional, but it was $1,400 (including tax). I still shake my head thinking about it. There’s no way we’re spending that kind of money anytime soon. At least now we have a better idea of the cost for when the time comes to get something different. That’ll probably be with our next home and we’ll save up for it. No more credit cards πŸ˜‰


  • Reply Sammy |

    I think you should look at it as “right-sizing” and not down-sizing. Do you really need more than those 4 pieces of furniture in your living room?

  • Reply Dedicated |

    Hello Tricia,

    We just purchased a Chenile Sofa from J.C. Penney to replace an ancient one, for $499.00 (plus delivery & tax). I thought this was a bargain. Plus, I am extremely happy with it. I never thought I could get a sofa so cheap and so high quality.

    Now to keep the dog off it, when I leave every day.

  • Reply A Austin |

    Craigslist FTW. Show patience, and you should be able to get close to what you want for much less. It works best is military or large college towns, but even in other places it just takes more time.

  • Reply Mike |


    It sounds to me like the free sofa might just need a very easy repair. A clunk like that often means one of the sinusoidal springs has broken off its mount and is simply snapping around inside the frame. Without it, you’re bound to find there is no support.

    I had that happen to me on a recliner. I flipped it upside down, carefully pulled the scrim loose from the bottom, and peeled it back. It was obvious right away what was wrong. ~$1.50 for a new clip from Lowes, and a few cents worth of staples to put the scrim back on, and it was fixed like new. I’ve had no problems since, and didn’t need any professional help….

  • Reply Trixie |

    Hi Tricia!

    I know what you mean about the sofa costs. We would like a sectional or a nice sofa with reclining ends. Oh, the luxury of reclining on the sofa makes me delirious. For anything that’s garaunteed to not fall apart in 3 years it’s going to cost a bundle.

    We’ve been saving for several months and it will feel so good to walk in an pick one out. Come to mama– nice reclining sofa:)

    Take Care,


  • Reply MrsMoney |

    Have you tried Craigslist? I watch there all the time for sofas. I applaud you for making do with what you have!

  • Reply Joy Smith |

    The only peices of furniture we have in our living room are two chairs, a coffee table and a tv stand. Wait does a floor lamp count? lol We love the floor lamp. We picked it up at a yard sale over the summer for $5. It’s solid brass. The two chairs are in need of replacing. They belonged to mom-in-law who left them for the hubby when she moved out of her old house. One of the chairs pops every time we sit in it and will fall over if you lean it it the wrong way.

  • Reply Prince of Thrift |

    I need to clean my carpets to….they haven’t been shampooed since I put them in 9 years ago.

  • Reply Angela |

    You might want to check out www.homereserve.com. Unique concept! Budget-friendly couches, chairs, sectionals, etc. that is shipped to you UPS in pieces and you assemble yourself. Very reasonable prices for sturdy furniture, and in many cases the upholstery can be removed and washed.

  • Reply Pam |

    I’m gonna get my next couch from Salvation Army. If there is a S.A. store close to you, check it out — great stuff, greater prices! Also, if Habitat for Humanity has a resale shop nearby, that is another way to get good furniture or building supplies at really cheap prices. My dogs and cats sit on the couches as much as I do, so no $1400 furniture for me! πŸ™‚

  • Reply DiaryofADINK |

    Don’t underestimate the power of plywood. DH just asked the other day if the “next time” we “buy” a couch it will seat people comfortably without wood underneath the cushions to keep it from sinking in.


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