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Happy Halloween!


I look forward to Halloween every year. It’s the one day that I have an excuse to dress up and for a little bit be another character that isn’t “me.” Don’t get me wrong, I like being me, but an escape from reality is nice every now and then.

Our son was so excited to go trick-or-treating, but he soon got tired of his costume. I think his full costume lasted about 30 minutes before he started getting annoyed with parts of it. By the end of our trip, he no longer looked like he had a costume on at all. Mom started to feel funny when because she was dressed up more than her son LOL.

He surprised me a little bit when we got home. There was still about twenty minutes left for trick-or-treating and he said he wanted to give out candy. I told him that we didn’t have any to hand out and he suggested using the candy he just got. We flipped on our porch light and I fired up our pumpkin and waited. No one came. He was a little bummed.

I asked him if he wanted to stay home next year and give out candy. He surprised me again when he said that he would like to give out candy rather than get it. That made me a little proud, since I’ve been trying to show him that it’s not always about what you get…but what you give. I have a feeling we will have a great time this year shopping for Toys for Tots 🙂

I hope all of you had a wonderful night!

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  • Reply Colleen in MA |

    Your son sounds darling! You should be proud, both of him, and you and your husband for doing such a great job parenting!

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