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Making $200 Quickly, Believing the Rain and Two People Are Debt-Free


Weekends are over too fast. Yesterday we socialized with some new friends and today we went for a long hike (3.2 miles – that’s pretty long for us! LOL) in the woods. My knees held up quite well during the hike which is great. There was a little bit of pain, but nothing serious.

Behind the scenes on here, I noticed today that a few things were still broken after my scare yesterday with not being able to log into my blog. If you were trying to contact me, my contact form was missing. I’ve also had an influx of spam comments. I think I have restored everything back to normal now, but if you happen to notice something funny – please let me know. It’s crazy how much technical stuff is involved with running a blog.

Okay, now onto some articles of interest:

First up is a collaboration piece over at Christian Personal Finance. He asked a bunch of us how we could make $200 in 2 weeks. My idea – garage sale. I’ve had having a garage sale on the brain lately, so that was an expected response from me LOL. I’m still pulling out stuff to sell.

Next up is an article by Grace at GRACEful Retirement. She talks about a situation over at a blog she reads (Need to be Debt Free). It’s also a blog I read, and I agree with what she had to say.

Lastly, some congrats are in order!! Two bloggers have paid off their debt! Yay!!

First up is the blogger behind Tung Sai. They are now debt free and shared how it feels.

Next up is Chicky at Kiss of Debt. I’m a little late at this, and I noticed that her blog is invitation only now, but she sent out her last credit card payment in April.

Congrats to you both!


  • Reply Grace |

    So I was checking out sitemeter to see how many folks were reading my blog, and I nearly fell off my chair–traffic had tripled! Checking it out further, I discovered YOU were the culprit. Feel free to link to my posts any time–you have a LOT of regular readers out there, including me.

  • Reply Rob in Madrid |

    I’m also not sure what to make of JWs blog, never meet someone who could get such a reaction out of so few readers!

  • Reply SavingDiva |

    I’m glad your blog is back together and you’re able to post!

    I’m also a little jealous to hear about your hike. I’ve been wanting to go hiking in my new area, but I’m scared to go by myself.

  • Reply Chicky |

    A belated thank you for your kind comment! My blog did indeed go private temporarily, but today I re-opened it to the public. You’ll be happy to hear I still have NO credit card debt, and have even saved up a little savings!
    Also, a huge congrats to you for getting so much of your debt paid off! This is the final stretch! You continue to be an inspiration!

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