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Playing Catch-Up


I’ve been busy replying to emails and catching up on a few other blog technical issues. If you have emailed me, and are waiting for a reply, please try contacting me again. I know at least one email bounced back to me. If you sent me a link to check out something, I thank you for the head’s up. I just haven’t had a chance to look at the links yet.

I also caught up on our finances since they were set on the back burner the past few days. I was hoping we could put some money towards our savings, but we can’t. It’s a bit frustrating. We were doing great for a while there and around this time of the month we usually had extra money to put towards our debt or savings. Not this month.

Looking ahead, we may be able to contribute to our savings by the end of the month. It really depends on how the whole health insurance thing goes. My husband is due to go back to the doctor next week and I need to keep money in our account to pay for that just in case our insurance situation isn’t cleared up. I haven’t heard back from my bank yet about the claim I made. I plan on calling Blue Cross tomorrow to see if our insurance has been reinstated. I will be looking into automatic payments because I don’t want this to happen again.

On an unrelated note, since this post is mostly a catch-up post, how many of you are using sites like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, etc.? Is there one that you would recommend over another? I haven’t joined any yet, but have been tempted to try one.


  • Reply ReddH |

    I would highly recommend Facebook. I actually met my husband on that site (we had a mutual friend but had never met).
    Facebook is a lot cleaner and better looking than Myspace, in my opinion.

  • Reply Frugal Dad |

    I twitter a bit, but still haven’t fully grasped the concept yet (and frankly, don’t have much spare time for it at the moment). I’d also like to get started with Facebook, but feel completely out of touch when I attempt to get started with the social networking sites! Maybe you could sign up and walk us through it in a blog post?

  • Reply Eva in TX |

    I like Facebook, too, but don’t use it as much as I could. If you’d like to start a classier, business profile to network with others in your field, I recommend LinkedIn.com .

  • Reply Dawn |

    I use Myspace the most. I use Facebook too but I prefer the freedom I have with Myspace. Myspace seems a little more user friendly to me too. I am on Twitter but really don’t understand it. I like a site called 43 things. You add up to 43 goals and can write entries about your progress, struggles or thoughts related to each one. Its nice because you can see what other people are doing while working toward the same goals.

  • Reply Joy Smith |

    I have two myspace accounts. One I use for personal friends and the other more for business friends. Twitter I use too. It’s a way to update what’s going on in your life fast and easy. I have yet to try facebook.

    There are other social networks out there too, but it really depends on what you’re wanting to use them for. Whether for friends or to promote yourself or your website/blog.

  • Reply Michele |

    All of my family and friends use Myspace. I found it very easy to get going with. I thought facebook was a bit more confusing. I think it is which everone you start with. Good luck getting going! it is alot of fun once you do!

  • Reply Ashley |

    Myspace is pretty terrible in my opinion. It is much slower than the other sites since everyone can have their own layout. (Facebook is slowing down since the introduction of “applications”). I prefer Facebook. I’ve never used Twitter, so I have no idea how well that works.

    I also feel it is less easy to lie on Facebook than Myspace. I don’t trust Myspace so much so that I don’t even have my last name on my account for people to search for me.

  • Reply Potatorioles Fan |

    I’m a copywriter and a blogger for a company in Baltimore, and part of getting the word out about our sites is to use social networking.

    These social sites really work, and they reach an audience that you would never imagine meeting in person or just by word of mouth.

    The best sites are: MySpace, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, Instablogs and Mixx. It’s also a good idea to create Squidoo pages for certain blogs.

  • Reply Sherri |

    Hi Tricia,
    I was pretty resistant to using a social networking site because I am pretty private. My brother finally convinced me to get a facebook account since there are so many privacy settings, and it would be a great way to keep in contact with him. (He uses twitter imbedded in his facebook and I know when he’s eating sushi, going to the movies, etc.) Facebook has really allowed me to stay more in contact and aware of what’s going on with my brother, which I really like. However, I have all the privacy set on their maximum settings for the most part, because I am worried about just having my information out there. On that note, I keep very little information on my page, because even with the privacy settings, you have to accept that the information could get out there. I mainly use it as a way to keep up to date on friends that don’t live near me, but they aren’t, for the most part, close friends. I check my brother’s page all the time, but other people I check only when I have free time. It’s nice to be able to get an update on a friend’s life whenever you want (no phone tag, ignored emails, etc.) I don’t have a myspace, and I definitely find those pages less professional or formal looking, which I think more people should think about when putting information out there for everyone to see. I also agree that the myspace website is incredibly slow. That’s my two cents! I definitely agree that it depends why you are getting one (personal use, blog promotion, etc) but it’s good that you are putting a lot of thought into it. =D

  • Reply Brianne |

    I use Myspace because Facebook was not open to non-college students when I joined years ago. Plus, most of my friends use Myspace. It’s been great for hooking up with lost friends, including a high school friend that I saw for the first time last month, 12 years after graduation.

    I also have recently fallen in love with Twitter because it’s faster than writing a full blog post and I can easily do it from my cell phone. I only read other Twitters online, but I post from my phone about half the time.

  • Reply Family Man |

    I use both facebook and Twitter. Both integrate wwll with wordpress, and will stream your posts.

    Hope your on-line bill pay issue gets straigtened out.

  • Reply danielle |

    Tricia- I think you are very well prepared to not sink into further debt, and that is the best you can do when times like these arise.
    I have a myspace account, but only set it up because all my coworkers have one. I really only just do my blog. I am a blog addict.

  • Reply Matt |

    We all end up playing catch up from time to time in our lives. Hopefully everything with the insurance will work itself out.

    I’ve got a facebook account mostly because where I live too many people are using it to communicate rather than pick up a phone. I’m not big on any of them though I’ve been hearing good things about twitter (and some bad about it being a time sucker).

  • Reply Jen |

    I use Facebook. I have a MySpace account, but I hardly ever log in. I think Facebook is cleaner, and more interactive. I use it to play games with friends and keep in touch with old classmates. They just added an IM feature that’s OK. Not the best, but it has been handy for catching up with people.

    And it is very addictive.

    For professional networking, LinkedIn seems pretty good, to. But, be certain to indicate how you want people to contact you. I’ve gotten called at work 2-3 times, which I didn’t like, so I had to indicate that people should message me instead.

So, what do you think ?