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Bringing Back Some Details


About a month ago, Mark B. asked a question in the comments:

…Also, you used to post your monthly Quicken spending and income reports, did you stop posting those? I found those to be very interesting and revealing for a person trying to escape debt myself.

Ever since my mention in the New York Times, I started shying away from revealing specifics on here and I phased out those monthly spending reports. They took me a while to do and do I want my boss (or future employers) to read how I spend my money? Seems a bit too personal and I was worried it could affect my employment. While I don’t readily attach my name to this blog, people who know me could put two and two together. My brother did, and I pleaded the fifth 🙂

I’ve been thinking about Mark’s comment for over a month now. I need to bring those reports back. They prompted some great discussions in the comments and they kept me very focused. I was able to find all of the receipts for April and May. I’m still looking for some receipts for Jan – Mar and if I can’t find them all I may skip those months or perhaps create a miscellaneous category for them so I can still post them. I already revised my Quicken file so my reports would be easier for me to do.

Expect to see some reports shortly!


  • Reply Tammy |

    I feel the same way about posting my financial information, not in regards to a potential employer. The idea of so much personal information here is a little overwhelming.

    I track my money spending and for myself I don’t like how I’m spending it, so I’m changing it. I really appreciate that you’ll post yours. You’ve done so well on getting your debt down I’m really interested in seeing how my poor spending (improving) compares to yours.


  • Reply Matt |

    I’ve been wrestling with exact same issue myself – how much do you disclose? I guess its personal for everyone.

  • Reply Mark B. |

    Hey, thanks for reading my comment!!!

    Perhaps there is a happy medium? Maybe if you consolidated your spending into fewer categories and used percentages instead of actual dollars? This would still give a good picture without revealing exact dollar amounts (i.e. your actual mortgage payment). I am looking forward to the reports.

  • Reply Tricia |

    Mark – I just finished April’s report last night, and was going to post it tonight. You know what? I think I REALLY like your idea about percentages. I’ve never looked at our spending in that manner. Hmmm…

So, what do you think ?