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They Paid off Their Debt, A-List Tips and a Few Articles


Yay for Friday! Last week I skipped my weekly links to interesting articles because I was taking a little break. I’m glad it’s Friday again because I have some exciting news from a blogging couple that I enjoyed reading so much. They paid off all of their debt!

Congrats to The Bizzaros!

The Bizarros are out of debt….But the beauty of it is, the mind-blowing amount of hard work that had propelled us to the surface also just kept on truckin’, and now we’re solidly in the black and heading to Australia for two weeks in May, using real, honest to God cash.

I don’t know about you, but I get teary-eyed reading that. Thank you Basil and Bianca for sharing your story!

Now for some other links.

Financial Literacy Month has a collection of tips from many personal finance bloggers. They included one of mine about simplifying my life by selling my bald eagle collection.

I’ve also written a few articles for the Prosper blog that have been published. I am a satisfied Prosper borrower and they hired me to write for them. Extra money is always a good thing πŸ˜‰

How Much Money Could I Save by Using Prosper? – I went crazy with plugging the numbers and creating graphs again LOL.

How Low Can You Go? Playing Spending Limbo – When I really started thinking about our spending, I realized we’re playing a game of how low can you go.

Coming up this weekend, I plan on responding to a lot of your comments. I’ve been pretty busy this week so I haven’t been able to keep up as much as I’d like to. There’s also a lot to give updates on!


  • Reply Anonymous Reader |

    How about an update on your husband’s job search? Surely he must have found something by now. You should be able to get the debt behind you in a few months, once he has a job. If he takes the hint from the Bizzaros, he can get two jobs and be done with it.

  • Reply Tricia |

    Anonymous – There is actually a big update on that front that I will be writing about tomorrow.

  • Reply Bev Schweigert |

    Wow! That’s exciting!!! I just made a final payment today on a loan we’ve had for 3 years. It was a consolidation loan we took to pay off credit cards, but then we were stupid and charged on the credit cards again πŸ™

    But we’ve been working very hard to pay off our credit card debt and with this loan paid off, we only have two credit cards left which I am working very hard on!

So, what do you think ?