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Looking for Guest Bloggers


During the first week in April, I will take a small blogging break. There’s a project I’ve been wanting to get off the ground and I need some time to work on it. I think all of you will enjoy it once it is finished.

If you would like to write an article and have it featured on here, please contact me if you are interested.

Here is a list of guest articles that have appeared in the past:

How I’m Staying Motivated Through a Setback
Dealing With Setbacks, My Two Cents Worth
The Generosity of a Stranger
The Road to Becoming Debt Free
Steps to Achieving Your Goals
101 Ways to Put $101 in Your Pocket This Month
Debt Doesn’t Have to be Just a Part of Life
How to Fight Discouragement About Debt
Volatile Financial Cocktail
Two Ideas for Your Credit Card Debt Reduction Plan
Zen and the Art of Financial Prudence
Super Simple Method for Debt Reduction
Consumer Debt vs. Government Debt – How Can We Judge Congress When Our Plastic is Maxed Out
Debt From Another Angle
Lending on Prosper.com

Thanks again to everyone who has been a guest writer on here 🙂

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