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I’m a little late on this week’s links. My husband got sick on Thursday and I followed on Friday night. Saturday, the both of us were quite miserable and I even took a five hour nap. I’ve been feeling a little better today, but still not back to normal quite yet.

We are also experiencing some bitter cold weather. The blizzard conditions outside even lead to the closure of a part of the main highway. That doesn’t happen very often. So, we ended up getting sick on a good weekend to stay put in the house.

Anways, here are some links that I found interesting this week:

Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has a couple copies of TaxCut Online to give away.

MyMoneyBlog gives some info on how you can get paid to interview for jobs. Pretty interesting!

Lastly, NCN shares how he has been a debt-free blogger for two years. One day, I hope to join the ranks of being a debt-free blogger 🙂


  • Reply Matt |

    Hope you’re feeling better! This past weekend was a good one to stay in doors – nice and warm rather than being in the freezing cold.

    Get well!

  • Reply sarah |

    I don’t know if you’ve ever read this book but it it the one that got me started on my debt elimination plan. Its called ‘How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt and Live Prosperously’ By Jerrold Mundis. I lent it to my boss at work and she too has been following his advice. We do not use credit cards anymore. It is the most down to earth realistic advice for anyone who finds themselves in touble. It can help you calm down when you find yourself in a panic. Please mention it on your site and maybe even try to read the book. Its a little older but you can find it on ebay pretty cheap.

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