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CNBC Television Documentary is Looking for Someone To Interview


I received an email the other day, asking if I would post a little announcement on here. CNBC is looking for an someone to interview for a debt-related television documentary:


CNBC Business Television is looking for someone who is, or was, in debt (about $30,000 or more) and is interested in being interviewed for a documentary that will address consumer spending and debt. We specifically need someone who can speak about their own personal experience with overspending associated with credit cards, home equity lines, etc. as opposed to debt due to student loans, job loss or major life events.

The documentary is being produced by the same team that created the Peabody and duPont award-winning “The Age of Wal-Mart,” and will air on CNBC prime-time this spring.

Please contact Lauren Kesner at CNBC- (201) 735-2370 – if you are interested in possibly participating. You can also send an email to lauren.kesner[at]nbcuni[dot]com.

I do not get CNBC (I only have basic cable), so if one of you happen to do this…please let me know so I can try to watch it somewhere 🙂


  • Reply Alan Kelly |

    Trish re: CNBC looking for intervieWEEs, I’m not a candidate, as I’m still swimming in my debt, but if you’re the intervieWER anytime and want your time for writing, family, or other work, I do VerbatimIT transcription.

    Happy Feb 1.


  • Reply Cathy E, Chicago, IL |

    I think many people are not responding to this because they’re not proud of all the debt they may be carrying. I certainly wouldn’t want my bizness out there….

  • Reply Debt Girl |

    True. Especially if its not anonymous. Now, if they are paying people to talk about it. (The money can be used towards the debt). I might consider. But yeah, I’m not proud of my situation at all.

  • Reply Live from the Belly of the Beast |

    Hmm. I’d be interested in sharing my experience, but only anonymously.

  • Reply Live from the Belly of the Beast |

    I talked with Lauren today and they’re interested. I’ll know in a couple days if they’re going to interview us.

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