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Debt Reduction Strategies that Work, Being Abnormal and Paying Off a Mini Cooper


It’s time to share some articles that caught my eye this week.

Shana (a newer blogger), shares some of her debt reduction strategies that work.

JW asks if he is abnormal. If you guys are abnormal, we are too!

Cleverdue just paid off their mini cooper car loan. Congrats!

Next up on here? A new debt total 🙂


  • Reply Susan |

    I’m happy to say that we paid off our 2004 Toyota Corolla (which now belongs to our daughter) so that she can be debt free. We are now paying off a 2007 Corolla for our other daughter. What do we drive? A paid for 1999 Ford Taurus. Well, you can’t have daughters driving around big cities in old cars!
    If you have a AT&T cell phone for about 2.99 a month you can have roadside assistance. It is excellent and includes towing–up to three assists per year. You must have your cell phone with you. It is good for any car as long as you have your cell with you.

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